Naomi 1 year ago

Pregnant Nkiru

Are protruding stomachs always a sign of pregnancy?... When my father noticed my sister was pregnant, hell was let loose; Everything around the house made him angry;

When my father noticed my sister was pregnant, hell was let loose.
Everything around the house made him angry.
He hated my food, my sister, our presence, and the house in general.
My sister stopped going to school.
She would sit at the back of our mud house and cry from dawn to dusk.
I was disappointed in my sister, but I was worried about her health.
She refused to communicate with me and only ate once a day.
I knew she only ate because of her baby.
In our village, we were made the laughing stock.
Because of my sister's act of carelessness. 
Whenever I go to the market, the traders would refuse to sell to me.
The ones who did avoid contact with me like I was a plague.
The thing is that everyone is still confused as to what happened to Nkiru, my step-sister.
We didn't know who and how she got pregnant.
The only thing we noticed was that her stomach was continually growing.
It was getting bigger and even bigger, and so we concluded a child was growing inside her. 
But Nkiru was only Nine. How did a nine-year-old female child get pregnant?
I knew it wasn't one of those of her male friends. They were too small to carry out the work of an adult.
And that was why I decided to convince my mother, to strike Nkiru with another illness.
An illness that would be real and relatable.
That was the punishment befitting of a child whose mother decided to forcefully enter a once peaceful home as a second wife!
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