Prepare Even When You Don't Have To.

You don't have to prepare for Small opportunities In a small way. Prepare in a big way.

There were two young girls who were schooled in a Village. They were both intelligent and smart. They read together, played together, and did everything together. One day, Their school got information that the governor of the state was throwing a party in their school, which debate will be part of the party. It was told that the student who wins the debate competition would be given the sum of NGN20,000. Some of the students said it was small. "How can a whole governor host a debate and put ordinary NGN 20,000 as an award?" Some of them asked.

The two girls have always wanted an opportunity to exercise their debate skills; they also saw it as a privilege to present before the governor. They started preparing for the debate after they were given a topic. One out of the two girls was named "Ada." Ada was preparing so hard that her fellow students started mocking her. Her friend Named Stephanie walked up to her one day and said, "Ada, is it because of this ordinary NGN 20,000 that you're preparing and reading so hard? Nawah for you, oh". But Ada didn't listen to her.

The day for the debate was here; all the students were ready to present. The governor walked in with some white men, which got everyone surprised. "Wetin oyibo dey do for our school?" The principal asked. The dignitaries sat down, and the debate commenced. After the whole students had presented, the white men weren't satisfied with what they heard; they wanted to call it off, but the principal insisted that one student was remaining, which happened to be Ada. As Ada mounted the stage and greeted the protocols, they got impressed by how she started. She wasn't even done with her presentation; the white men stood up and started clapping for her.

After the debate, they gave her the price, which happened to be the NGN 20,000. But there was an uncovered price. They gave her the scholarship to study abroad with all her bills paid; she was placed on a $1,000 salary until she was done with her study abroad. Most of the people who didn't prepare well-cried Home, and they regretted ever not preparing well. The problem with most people is that they want to start with small opportunities, which makes them start preparing in a small way. Starting small doesn't mean you should prepare in a small way; Prepare for Small opportunities in a big way; Prepare for big opportunities in a bigger way because you don't know which will come first. Don't listen to what people will say as you prepare; prepare for the opportunity you're waiting for!



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