Priceless Jewels

This poem is dedicated to all women out're all loved and cherished❤

Mothers are special jewels
Priceless, that can't be bought or sold
Their love more precious and real
Than the rarest gem or gold

A special gift from God above
Always there to lend a hand
A sure thing that will always be there
Through good times and bad

Special gift sent from God above
To bless us with their care and love
To cheer us when we're down
To clear our minds of fear and doubt

A special gift we all should cherish
Her prayers make us flourish
Her smiling face is a peace of mind
To us, they're always a rare brand

Her love is so precious definitely
Her care is different undoubtedly
We owe her a great deal of gratitude
For her sacrifices are uncountable

Our only shore when drowning
Our light when all seems blurry
That blesses us with her nurturin
Even if we sacrifice everything
It won't be enough to repay the upbringing.
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