An Enemy Of Hate

It is a strong word for disapproval or uncomfortably concerning anything or personality...

Mr. Hate starts with anger from within until reflected in the physical. Does that mean he has body language? Oh yes, he does. His victim is in trouble; he can eliminate his victim. Mr. Hate is very expressive, even if he tries to pretend his energy would be felt.

Mr hate is despised and avoided by his victim. Nobody wants to dwell where he is. Oh, Mr. Hate, your enemy is on his way; he is coming to dethrone you. Now you are afraid of being eliminated by your opponent.

The people prefer your opponent because through your opponent; they can conquer all things. Would you let Mr. Lover take your place? The truth is that Mr. Lover cannot be stopped. He is highly energized; he gives energy to people without expecting too much from the victim.

Mr. Hate will lose his victims because the arrival of Mr. Lover boy is the freedom of the people. Both males and females want Mr. Lover. He is accepted by all because he gives them a reason to live.

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