Prison I Called Marriage

This poem describes the life of the gospel artist Osinachi who died after being beaten up by her husband

Yes I am Osinachi
I always sing to my chi
I leave in bondage till death
Putting on a smile of pain

I sing with passion
Giving my all to my profession
Knowing God is the rewarder
I sing without looking at my body which is battered

I wear beautiful cloths
On my wounded body
Covering my shame
With a smile of pain

I dabble into it
I never knew it will be like this
I always think of running away
But brought back with the words of one or two

I was kicked every day like a bag of rice
I die every day in pain
Please endure were the words that came
Now I have left my children
And go to a world unknown

The abuse was my nickname
Insult was my next of kin
I was loyal to the core
But I received a kick in my chest

I couldn't breathe well
Yet he looked without remorse
I was struggling
Like a devil, he laid all blame on me

I have left the world sorrowing
I have left my children behind
to the tranny of this world
Lord guide my little ones

Be their backbone
On you, they rely on
Be their leader
All this I pray
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