Process And The Question: What Next?

This article is about the granite truth of one of life's irrefutable principles: process and a related question: what next?

There is no doubt that life is a process. Everything that pertains to life is birthed and grown through the application of this special word -- process. The period of prenatal development, for instance, in which a fetus grows in the womb is based on process, no matter how phlegmatic (though such a case is almost impossible) the mother could be.

Through this law, the fetus grows into a full-grown baby ready for delivery. Then comes the new arrival. The baby, as it's delivered, is brought into a world of process, set to pass through the four stages of life: the childhood, teenage, youth, and adult stage. These four stages connote process. The child cannot leapfrog any stage. For instance, he or she cannot become a full-grown adult without first becoming a teenager: it's impossible. That's a natural law and can't be negated.

We are all subject to nature and its laws. By nature, we are subjected to uncontrolled natural laws which if altered, might result in dysfunction. Natural laws, which are subject to the law of process, are powerful. Every creature is bound by its respective laws. They grow through process and displays intrinsic traits (all creature, and man isn't an exception). Living creatures grow in stages called life circles, that too is a process.

Nature is somewhat perfect, carrying out its function in its season. The sun and the moon shine in their season -- they always do. The four stages of life begin in a day. A day is controlled by the sun, and the evening comes with the moonlight glow. There are all involved in the word -- process. Nature dictates when these lights shine and where it is exposed to and when due. These bodies, set permanently in space by an omnipotent creator, never negate their function. They are the principal dictator of time. 

We've seen how nature relates to the principle of process, at least to a comprehensible extent, but do we realize that we have to subject every bit of our activities to this principle. 

We must understand that a life of process is a systematic life, an organized life that spells progress. Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without passing through the required process. For instance, success is a worthwhile achievement greatly determined by thoughts, which are incubated in the mind. After the mind has processed them, they produce the required outcomes.

We must also be deliberate about living a life of process if we must avoid a haphazard life. An organized life does not just happen, It's dictated by our pre-meditations, and our forethought, when prompted into action, can produce the required result.

Furthermore, a man of process is a man who always asks the question, what next? after he might have taken previous steps that had been preempted. Many times people fail, they do simply because they do not know the next step; they do not know that their plans must be subjected to process. Such people are like the ones who jump steps when using staircases. The consequences could be disastrous.

Could it be you're presently stuck and can't make progress because you're trying to succeed at a pace that negates the principles of process? Note this, being stuck, sometimes, doesn't mean one has been enmeshed or stagnated by a force; being stuck could be as a result of once benightedness about the next step of action

If you are battling with this problem, a way of overcoming it is to subject your goals or pursuit to process. You can do this by having a trajectory for every stage of your pursuit. With this, you can see the first step to the last. When this has been done, you have to take the first step and keep going until you have achieved your goal.

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