Psychological and verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse, if not worse.

Stay away from gaslighters, people that would make you doubt your existence, mistreat you, then justify their actions by saying what they did was the right thing for you. It's not good and healthy for you if it is the reason you toss and turn throughout the night; learn to ask people that manipulate you into apologizing when you clearly were victimized in that situation.

I know of some people that moved out of their family homes and never looked back; I don't blame them; instead, I applaud them for prioritizing their mental health. Don't let anybody play you like that; you're not weak because you got hurt when someone you believed in disappointed you. It's not your fault that they lost their plot and took it out on you; never let anyone make you believe your actions are what drove them to harm you; cut them off!!

People who abuse you emotionally are actually more dangerous than those that would physically harm you; at least with physical abuse, you can prove that you were harmed. With emotional abuse, you can't prove anything, and it leaves you feeling weak & stupid.

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