Punishment Is Not Discipline

Discipline comes from the. The same Latin root word as the word "disciple", those who are " taught".

Discipline means "to teach," not "to punish." Discipline is helping a child solve a problem. Punishment is helping a child suffer for having a problem. Punishment, for the most part, does not work; if it does work, it tends to be only temporary and does not help the child learn how to behave. Discipline is very effective, especially if the relationship between the child and the parent or parent-partner is solid.

Punishment focuses on past misbehavior and offers little or nothing to help a child behave better in the future. Discipline is a positive method of teaching a child self-control, confidence, and responsibility. When punishment is used, the person who punishes the child becomes responsible for the child's behavior. The child does not learn self-control; he only becomes rebellious.

Discipline is teaching a child what behavior Is okay and what behavior is not okay. It focuses on what a child is expected to do. It includes watching a child being good and encouraging appropriate behavior. It also includes modeling appropriate behavior. Discipline is a process, not a single act. It teaches children a child how to get along with others.

A child is held responsible for misbehavior, but the consequences are meaningful and related to the behavior. A disciplined child is fearless, confident, self-controlled, courageous, and of high self-image. A punished child is fearful, lacks self-control, does not feel good about himself, and has low self-esteem or image. Discipline is not forced; it is taught, communicated, or shared. Punishment may be physical, as in spanking, hitting, or causing pain. It may be psychological, as in disapproval, isolation, or shaming.

A child raised in an atmosphere of discipline will understand their behavior better, show independence, and respect themselves and others. Punishment is for animals, not children. Children are not animals; let's discipline rather than punish them.

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