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Purpose And The Call Of God

Do you know that there's a connection between discovering your purpose and fulfilling the call of God in your life? in this article, I want to help you see how vital it is that you discover the purpose of God for your life. You will also learn two practical ways to discover the plan of God for your life and to walk in the fullness of all that the Lord has prepared for you.

Let each one remain in the same calling in which he was called- 1 Corinthians 7:20 NKJV. It is important for me to begin by stating here that every one of us has a definite calling from God. Every one of us is born to fulfill a definite plan or purpose in the mind of God. No one is born without a well-defined plan in the mind of God. We are each here because God has a job for us to accomplish. He has an assignment for each one of us.

You are not a biological accident. You didn’t just ‘happen.’ You weren’t brought here to wander aimlessly through life. There is a definite purpose for your life. I wish I could drum this into your consciousness: you were created for a purpose. The call of God is based on His particular purpose. He calls individuals to fulfill certain purposes in His mind. He doesn’t call you first, then afterward, try to figure out where to ‘fix’ you. He already ‘fixed’ you before calling you. In fact, your calling is proof that God has already fixed you.

In our opening text, Paul admonishes that “each one remains in the same calling in which he was called.” We are not all called by God to do the same thing. We are not all wired to perform the same function. We have each been built uniquely with different abilities consistent with our individual use in God. God desires that you find out where you are called and function there. Work and function according to your design. Discover what distinguishes you and begin to give expression to your uniqueness. Live and function in your place.

Your calling refers not only to your assignment but also to the life you were meant to live. It encompasses your life's total expression or manifestation as designed by God. Your calling is who you are. There is who you are called to be. This is the reason you are the way you are. It is the reason you are who you are. Even your personality type is consistent with your calling. Everything about your natural makeup has relevance to your calling in God. Your calling is a manifestation of your personality. You see, I used to think that there was something wrong with me because of my introverted personality. I felt it was a weakness, and in fact, people told me to work on myself and break the introversion. 

They told me it would hold me back and limit me in life if I didn’t break it. But I have discovered that it has nothing to do with weakness. It is about who I am and the life I am supposed to live. There is everything beautiful about you. You are the best of your kind, and God wants you to know it. He wants you to begin to express yourself in your calling. But to maximize your calling in God, it is imperative that you first discover your purpose. Your calling is in discovering purpose. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE? The purpose is the predetermined intention for the existence of a thing. 

Simply put, it is the reason for the existence of something or someone. It is the essence of a thing. It explains why something exists in the first place. Everything has a preconceived purpose, and someone determines every purpose. Nothing just happens on its own. Things are made, formed, or created according to the preconceived purpose of a creator. For example, the computer didn’t just ‘happen.’ Someone made it with a definite purpose or intention in mind. The universe with its numerous galaxies didn’t just result. Someone created and designed it to function according to an established pattern.

In the same way, human beings didn’t just ‘evolve.’ A smart and intelligent creator — God — carefully designed us individually with a particular purpose in mind. The complexity of the human body system with its varied functions is a valid testament to the existence and reality of a creator God. Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations- Jeremiah 1:5 NIV. The factory determines the purpose of every machine or equipment even before it is made. Even so, the purpose of every human being has been determined by God even before the person’s conception.

Furthermore, in the same way, the purpose of a product is not determined in the market or by the user but by the manufacturer; the purpose of a human person is never determined by the person or the opinions of people but by God Himself, who is our manufacturer. God is a God of purpose, and everything He does is done according to His divine purpose. He doesn’t just create or do things for the fun of it. He is intentional and purposeful in whatever He does. Paul, in his letter to the Church in Ephesus, declared that we had been created “according to the purpose of Him [God] who works all things according to the counsel of His own will” (Ephesians 1:11). He always has a purpose, will, and a plan for whatever He does. The very first step to discovering purpose is an encounter with God.

If the purpose is so important in the maximization and fulfillment of God’s destiny for our lives, then we have to find out what precisely the purpose of God is for our lives. 

This is because the measure to which we are going to succeed and be fulfilled in life will be determined by the measure to which we have discovered the purpose of God for our lives. Success is measured by the fulfillment of purpose and not by the accumulation of material things or other physical accomplishments. Even if a person gets to accumulate all the wealth in the world and is not expressing himself in God’s purpose for his life, such a person is still not considered successful. True success is in the pursuit and fulfillment of divine purpose. In the fulfillment of your particular assignment on earth, you are truly successful. Success is relative, depending on the purpose. 

Success in life is purpose defined. Everything revolves around purpose. Your purpose determines virtually everything you do. For instance, as a Pastor, my particular purpose determines the things I pursue, the company I keep, the places I go, the influences I allow into my life, the relationships I get into, the message I preach, and so forth. A person living without a definite purpose is actually living a life without meaning, focus, and direction. A purposeless life is like a ship in the middle of the sea without a compass and which is driven in every direction by the wind. Many people are like that. They are just living their lives without a definite plan or purpose, and their lives are just going in every direction. They are not aiming at a well-defined target or pursuing a definite purpose.

Many of God’s children (even today) are living below God’s destiny for their lives and are having experiences that are inconsistent with the plan and purpose of God for them. And sadly, a lot of precious people have never been properly taught about the plan of God for their lives. Many don’t even know that there is a definite purpose for their lives. Nobody just exists. God created each one of us with a special unique purpose in mind. If the kingdom of God is going to be established and His will carried out among men, then God’s people must be properly equipped and positioned to begin to express themselves in God’s plans and purposes for their lives. 

People must be taught to discover God’s destiny for them and boldly pursue the same in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why the ministry gifts are given to the Church: to help the saints discover their place in God and begin to function accordingly in God’s plans and purposes for them.


  • Purpose simplifies your life by defining your particular assignment in life and eliminates confusion.
  • Purpose gives you direction and minimizes errors.
  • Purpose gives you focus and helps channel your energy rightly.
  • Purpose gives you a playing ground. That is, it gives you a place in the world.
  • Purpose gives you security.
  • Purpose gives you stability.
  • Purpose gives you fulfillment.
  • Purpose gives you authority.
  • Purpose gives you passion.
  • Purpose gives your life meaning by bringing out the difference and best in you.
  • Purpose gives you an identity.
  • Purpose gives you a mission.


Some of the questions often asked and for which volumes upon volumes of books have been written to address: what is my purpose? Why Am I here? Who Am I? Almost every human being wants to find out the exact purpose of his life. One reason for this is that life becomes meaningless and not worth much without a clear purpose. There are other reasons why purpose is very important for a successful and impactful life. Still, I’d like you to see here that no matter the level a person may attain in life, life becomes meaningless if the purpose is misunderstood or unknown. 

It is said that when the purpose is not known, abuse becomes unavoidable or inevitable. Before we dive into the main teaching of this book, I want us to briefly find out how we can discover God’s purpose for our lives. Since I’m writing to believers, I’m going to assume that you know the Holy Spirit and have a conscious walk with Him. If you don’t, I encourage you to get my other books in the Holy Spirit series (The promise of the Father, His Ministry and Gifts, and How to Master and Increase Your Spiritual Vocabulary) to help you. So, how can you discover your purpose in God?


The world is full of so much noise that it is often difficult to make contact with our spirit. We are surrounded by a lot of things that seem to get our attention and get us distracted. And many times, we are enticed into looking at others to determine how our lives should be. However, suppose we understand and appreciate the fact that we are created individually differently. In that case, we will save ourselves from the deception of comparing ourselves with others and instead begin to look within ourselves to understand what makes us different. You see, if you are going to discover God’s purpose for your life, then you are going to learn to look inwards. You are going to learn to reach down within you. 

The program has already been written in your heart. Your spirit knows what God’s plan for you is. Your head or mind may be ignorant of this information, but your spirit knows it. You will never know what God has called you to accomplish unless you begin to pay attention to your spirit. As long as you continue to neglect the voice of your spirit, you will keep walking in the dark concerning the plan of God for your life. There’s a scripture in the book of proverbs that will help us a lot along this line. It is a scripture that has helped me so much, and I’m sure it will be a blessing to you too. The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly- Proverbs 20:27 

The scripture above tells us that the spirit of man (the recreated human spirit) is the candle or lamp of God. So, if God is going to reveal the treasures He has deposited within you, then He will have to light the lamp (your spirit) and search within you to find it. 

The New Living Translation puts it this way: “The LORD's searchlight penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive.” When the Lord points His searchlight in your spirit, He uses it to reveal the hidden things in your life. Since you are born again, the Holy Spirit has taken His residence in your spirit, and Jesus said He would guide you into all the truth (reality). Paul tells us that the Spirit of God searches all things, even God's deep and hidden things (1 Corinthians 2:9-10). How does the Holy Spirit reveal things to the child of God? He does it by enlightening our spirit. He puts the floodlight in our spirit, dispels the darkness, and reveals the things He wants us to know. 

The Holy Spirit will work in and through your spirit.

When the Bible talks about the heart with respect to faith and our walk with God, it doesn’t mean the physical organ that pumps blood. It actually refers to the human spirit. So, in that order, we could say that the Holy Spirit will reveal God’s purpose to you through your heart. So, when I say, “look within,” I mean to say, “Look into your heart.” What is your heart going out for? If you are born again, then your heart (spirit) can’t go wrong. But you have to really listen to your heart. You have to look inside you. You have to shut out every other voice so that you can hear your spirit speak to you. Many times, we only recognize the voice of our spirit when we have made a mistake. We suddenly realized that our heart was speaking to us all along, but since it didn’t feel supernatural or spectacular, we ignored it and followed our head. Suddenly, after the mistake, we realized that we should have followed our hearts.

As a believer, understand that your spirit is in union with the Holy Spirit. Your spirit (heart) knows things your mind or head doesn’t know. It is a safe guide, and you can trust it to guide you. So, to find God’s purpose for your life, you need to look within you. I know that you have waited on God through prayer, fasting, and searching the scriptures. You have stirred up your spirit. Now, look within and search your heart with God. What is God saying to you in your heart? Where is the Spirit of God leading your heart to? Sometimes, you notice that your heart (your mind) just keeps going after something. You try to get your attention off it, but it keeps coming back. You are just stirred towards it, and somehow, you can’t explain why that is happening to you. You just know you should be here or doing this thing. I was going somewhere some time ago, and I came across a certain Catholic Church. At the front of this Church were all manner of sick and infirmed people. 

While I tried to ignore what I was seeing, I felt a sharp pain go through my heart, and I seemed to hear a voice in my heart whisper, “you are supposed to be ministering to these people. This is your calling; to bring my love to the afflicted.” I wondered why I had to feel their pain and why I was the only one who seemed to care. Then, I learned it was because that was my ministry. God had already spoken to my heart some time ago about that line of ministry. So, I’d like to ask you to take some time to be alone with yourself and ask yourself some personal questions. Listen to the Holy Spirit as He speaks to you through your heart, and be determined to go in the direction that He leads you. Don’t worry about being wrong. If your heart is right with God, He will correct you along the way. He will gently lead you into His plan for your life.


While you are still praying and looking within you and believing to hear from God, you need to open your eyes and look around you. The chances are that God has dropped some clues here and there to help you find His purpose for your life. You are intelligent, and God knows that because He created you that way. So, He trusts you to intelligently solve the puzzles of your life by exercising your mind. He will drop bits and pieces of information here and there and expect you to put them together into a meaningful whole. The truth is that if some of us will look well enough, our prayers for the revelation of God’s plan for our lives will be shorter because we will see God’s plan and hear His voice clearly through the realities of our environment and world.

You are created to impact or influence the world in a definite way. You are created to solve a specific problem in the world. You are here to make a definite contribution to the world. You are carrying an answer to a particular problem or need of society. You are the solution to a particular problem in the world. If you look well around you, you could find a clue. It could be a need that bothers you so much and makes you feel an enormous responsibility along that line. It may be a health challenge that has defied all medical and scientific solutions. It may not have even affected you personally, but somehow, you feel the pain of the people who are going through it. That could be a pointer to your ministry. 

You need to start paying attention to the things happening around you. Has God put anything within you to make the situation better? Don’t neglect it. Do you have any special natural talent? Pay attention to it. God doesn’t waste resources. He won’t give you that talent or gift if He doesn’t intend to do something with it through you. You are made for something special — for a special purpose — but until you discover it, you can’t fulfill it.

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