Quality Time Versus Money

Spending quality time with children contributes to their overall well-being...

Most parents make the mistake of assuming that they can make up for their unavailability in the lives of their children by lavishing them with what money can buy. Granted, money plays an important role in caring for children's well-being. That fact cannot be disputed. In fact, even the holy scripture recognizes the importance of money, stating that 'money is a protection.'

However, research and experiences have shown that children tend to highly esteem the quality time their parents spend with them even more than they value any ravishments they get in exchange for their parents' continual absence in their lives. It is saddening to mention that just a few parents spend as much as 10 minutes each day with their children, especially now that the economic demands are overwhelmingly daunting.

Having said that, it is good, therefore, for parents to work hard to provide materially for their children, but it is even much better for them to forge a strong bond with them by making out and spending quality time with their children. In so doing, they would share in helping their children build the kind of character and personality they would love their children to be.

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