Queen Of My Heart

I know you are scared; Maybe afraid to care; Hurt, a thousand times; Lied to, a million times;

I know you are scared
Maybe afraid to care
Hurt, a thousand times
Lied to, a million times

If it will not make you sad
You have every right
To firmly, shut your heart
To any level, rightly tight

But when you cried
I was not there
Never part of the sad days
Never said a sad phrase

Though I am not all innocent
Check my antecedent
My love, eternally decent
Loyalty, permanently present

I know not how you really feel
But I know what I can make you feel
Loved, adorn, prioritised and full
To never be used like a tool

My proposal to you
Hold my hands, bestow your heart
And let me forever crown you
The Queen of my heart

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