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Ray Of Hope

This is dedicated to those who think they have lost everything due to numerous failures in life.....I can relate...This write-up is short...but the wordings are deep and sharp like a two-edged sword......

I look out through the window 
Mesmerized by the gentle caress of a new dawn of hope
Cascading with a gentle reminder of a better me, a better version of who I was yesterday.
My mistakes and regrets aren't my best options for what I choose to be now. Nevertheless, I have hope for my today, my tomorrow, and my anticipative future.

The radiating fairness of the sun context to my fierceness determination not to be gentle with failure but be vigilante with the taste of success even haven't been served yet.

My instinct tells me I'm just a step ahead, my motive tells me to be strategic, and my intellect tells me to flexible in my thoughts and my coordination, till I get well fed with silver wares of what I have labored and worked for.

My ray of hope in me, with me in me without questioning my strength and how far I can all me to make it happen, it all me to dream and copulate it to reality.

Never would I look down on me, never would I say NO to hope
And never would time steal me, but will always steal the time ......because it stands as my masterpiece for my ray of hope
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