Reason With Me

This is for the youths. Election is approaching. Universities are still on strike. They don't want you to grab that certificate and drag the positions with them. They don't value your education. All they can do for you is give you caps and umbrellas, guns ands money to steal the ballot boxes. All they think of if how to make you a criminal forever! Reason with Me 😔

⭐ "Those who tell us school is a scam are all graduates. They have learned and put hatred on the rope holding us and the desire to study

⭐ Majority of families within the communities who escaped poverty have graduated. Look well and see we have been deceived Ubaka

⭐ Majority of our leaders deciding our fate are graduates. They can only give us guns to defend their votes and follow them like a swarm of bees while their children dine with girls and boys abroad

⭐Almost all successful businessmen in this country went to school. Don't you notice they have one degree or the other Ubaka?

⭐ Every successful business has graduates piloting the business. All those working in the oil company as managers are graduates. When I went to one looking for a job, I was asked to start disposing of refuse waste as my job because I had no certificate. Ubaka, those sons and daughters of Senators and governors didn't consider I had a wife and four children

⭐ We have been deceived, Ubaka! People who carry guns go to school. They know how to finger bullets out of the black hole. They all have certificates, unlike us.

⭐ Why did Okenwa reject my request for his daughter's hand in marriage? You still remember he is the one who used to buy us alcohol and hail us when we wore masquerades. You still remember he said we are the true sons of the soil. So why would he tell me that his daughter can only marry a graduate?

⭐ Ubaka looks around you; what do you see? Stinking hardship where we can no longer think beyond what to eat food.

⭐ Think of this Ubaka; when things go wrong in Okenwa's place, we go. We cry out the whole tears in our eyes. We refused to eat for some days, but even till now, I have not seen him in my house since my father died. Does it mean I'm no longer his boy, as he used to say? Does it mean I'm only needed when it comes to placing a finger on the trigger?

⭐ Those who told us school is a scam are riding any type of car they want. They have given us bikes to ride from one community to another but not building schools for us. Because of that, each day, the rope binding us and the desire to study burns out. They don't want to support education. They enjoy seeing you argue that school is a scam. If we don't vote for educated people who have schools in their hearts, they will keep on buying Okada for us. They will keep on giving us caps and T-shirts

⭐ You see these guns, Ubaka; I'm not touching them again. Go back and tell Okenwa that I'm not objecting to his ambition in this Election. I'm not rejecting his demand as we used to, and I'm not also saying that he is a wicked man. But, if he feels I can do this job better because I'm a competent man and true son of the soil who ought to be praised, he should fix a date when I would come for the traditional marriage of his daughter, Adaeze. I think we have a future better than this. If we are not wise today, our children will suffer this forever! You can go" Ubaka cast his face down in search of nothing but words.

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