Reason You Should Not Joke With June

WHY YOU SHOULDN'T JOKE WITH JUNE...Dear Naira Pen, let's take a proper analysis of the month of June 2022, which just started today.

June is the sixth month of the year. June is the last month of the first half of the year; hence it divides the year into two equal parts. And lastly, June is the last month in the second quarter of the year. Lemme take you on a reverse trip if you don't mind, John. So Peter, on December 31st, 2021, you wrote a long list of goals you wish to achieve in 2022.

Not only that, but you also went as far as making some resolutions like; No more smoking, No more womanizing, No more alcohol, No more association with bad friends, No more careless spending, etc... And it happened that for the first two weeks of January, you were so faithful, and in fact, your friends became envious of your new lifestyle. But then, by the third week of January, you began losing the zeal slowly; you now permit a little sip of alcohol, one extra girlfriend, one drag of Dorchester cigarette ... Then eventually, by the third week of February, Peter, you completely lost track of your new year goals and resolutions hence you became even worse than your former self. Well, Peter let the sleeping dog lie... it's now in the past. No need to feel guilty about your past anymore.

I'm here to announce to you that June is here, and you can actually open a new slate for your life, then rewrite, restructure, plan and set new goals for your life, with the mind to stay focused and consistent. Set goals that cover your Finance, Personal development, Career, Academics, Business, Relationships, etc ...Listen up, Peter, consistency always beats intensity, so focus more on being consistent first for a start. Being consistent in doing a task 30mins is better than doing the same task for 3hrs once in a while. There's more to say to you, Peter, but I'll end here by saying this; "In all you do this June, make sure you learn and earn enough money; BILLS DON'T HAVE SYMPATHY."

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