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Reina's Story

THE STORY OF MY LIFE...Growing up, I never really had good and reliable friends. At some point, I felt I was unlucky and was not destined to meet real people in my life's journey.

It all started back then in secondary school. I had three female friends, but they weren't that good and reliable. I was more like a novice in their midst, being the fact that they were a bit wild and ruthless. They all had boyfriends, well, except me.😊😊 I felt sad, lonely, and unloved. I would see them hanging around with their boyfriends, sometimes kissing either in public or privately, and they would also share amongst themselves how they had sex with their boyfriends. And, of course, I was exempted as usual. Aside from that, they were jealous of me. I was the brightest, smartest, and, most importantly, I was the best in my class and school at large. I wanted to be like them, live their kind of life, and have fun just like them, but the more I tried, the more I felt a strange hand pushing me away from such a life.

And so one day, one of my friends convinced me and fell for it. I found myself a boyfriend, and even for a while, I felt happy and accepted amongst my peers. I would sneak out at night to see this guy; our meetings were always at night🤫🤫

He gave me gifts, he made a promise to me, and I believed every word. At that period, I thought I knew what love was; I thought I was in love, but little did I know that I was only trying to please friends. But in all these, I still maintained my purity. And like I stated earlier, I would always feel a strong hand preventing me from making a grave mistake!

They wanted me to do it, they wanted me to try it, they wanted me to indulge in sexual intercourse, but I couldn't, not because I knew it was wrong to engage in premarital sex, but because I felt like I lost the will or should I say I had no interest in doing such. And so I ended the relationship!!

It wasn't easy for me; my friends wanted me out of their way at all costs. I was humiliated, threatened, falsely accused, and rejected. I had no mother, only a busy dad whose aim was to work tirelessly and effortlessly just to provide food for his six children. I became my teacher, I went through an emotional breakdown, I was leaving in fear, and I wanted to stop school because my classmates were all against me. I wanted to be loved, I begged to be loved, but the only thing I got was rejection from people. I felt alone and downcasted....... Until... One day.....

I left... GOD said it was time for me to live... He said it was time for me to go on a journey to my own promised land. My family and I moved finally moved out of the area... And then, I got an opportunity to move to another state, and that was the beginning of a new journey. My journey has not been that smooth, but I am proud to say that I've grown! The pain and suffering are all in the past. And as for those girls... Well, they got what they merited. The path they took turned out to be the greatest mistake of their lives. ( This is not the end... My story has just begun)

Reina Story ❤🌹

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