Faith Chima 1 year ago

Relax, It's One Step At A Time

I sit writing from a stage in my life where it seems as if I'm the only one not moving in a world where everything and everyone is moving and moving fast at that but then alas in the midst of the troubled thoughts I'm reminded that it's okay to take it one step at a time.

BREATHE IN...BREATHE OUT...RELAX. There's this truth that we haven't heard so often; every one of us is sometimes clueless about where we are going because no one knows the exact details of what the future holds. Those we see walking without fear are bothered by what lies ahead of them.

Those we look at and think are all prepped up for what will come next are actually choosing to just keep going even though not fully prepared; they just continue the journey! And those we look up to because of their success also do face failures in their lives, but they just resolve to keep on trying again! So move at your own pace!!

Lift those feet up even if it's trembling with doubt and fear. You are not the only one; everyone feels the same, dearest! It's one step at a time, dear teen. Please don't you ever forget that !!

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