John Doe 8 months ago

Remedies For A Broken Heart

Have you had your heart broken before? Did you just experience heartbreak? Do you want to move on? Find out in this story the solutions and how you can cope with it.

What do you do when you see them smile, and you can't help but recall how they turned your life around with their bright smiles? What if you can't let go of the fact that they were yours and you lost them? They say time heals, but you do not want time, as it will mean their thoughts and the memories you have of them will wipe away. What do you do when you smell their scent, and it reminds you of how they moaned and groaned under you? What do you do when your bedsheets still smell like them? Do you cry yourself to sleep, or do you bring your chest out and whisper, "It is what it is" to yourself for the thousandth time since they walked out of your life? What do you do when you see them? Do you pretend as if they don't exist, knowing fully well they still run rings around your mind, and you save those little jokes and playful insults they would love on your Notes App but can now never say to them? Do you keep a straight face when you walk past them, struggling to keep your hands from reaching out to them? There are many guides on any topic in life, but there are no remedies for a broken heart.

Someday you'll forget them. You'll forget how they looked, smiled, and laughed. Some days you'll struggle to recall their names, but other days you'll vividly remember the times you've shared. You'll remember how you first met, how you got their numbers, and how you texted for hours every day. You'll remember the pillow fights and how you allowed them to win every time because you know how happy they get when they win. You'll remember how they supported you on your darkest days and how you lit up theirs. Some days you'll remember every single detail, and other days, you'll not. There are no ways to be sure if the above will happen, just as there are no remedies for a broken heart.

You know you'll never hold animated conversations with them. You know you'll never argue with them again. You know you'll never share in their joy and happiness again. You know it's now over forever. You know you'll always love them. You know you'll always wish you were together. You know you are still hoping every notification on your phone is from them, and when your phone chimes, you pick it up half, hoping it is a text from them. You know you'll never get that text, but you'll never know the remedies for a broken heart.

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