This is about people who had forgotten they were once imperfect.

Before you condemn:

  • Think about those moments you failed yourself.
  • Consider those periods people were disappointed all because of you.
  • Remember how you once outrageously acted under the influence of emotion.
  • Recall those series of lessons you had to learn to become the very person you are today, and don't forget how slow and painful the process was for you to conform only to acceptable standards.

Oftentimes, you wish it could be possible for one to travel back to the past; why? Because you presently consider yourself a little wiser and have been incorporated with better understanding, you feel like correcting those mistakes you made in the past. 

Nevertheless, you always happen to be the first to critically view that particular thing your fellow did wrong, even if it was unintentionally done; instead of seeing to the solvability of the issue, you prefer to rebuke and solicit for condemnation, you're still the same person who detests having anything in common with people of imperfect nature, you passionately hate people who ignorantly make mistakes.

Before I stop the bleedings, remember you were once imperfect too; who knows, perhaps if you would be able to make it this far if people didn't have to endure your imperfections. Enough of the criticizing attitude, stop tarnishing the image of your neighbor with slanderous talks, and start embracing the spirit of oneness; trust me, lines would always fall in auspicious places for you.

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