God has not called us to struggle...It is not your long hours of prayers; Or many days of fasting; It's not the tears you share;

It is not your long hours of prayers
Or many days of fasting
It's not the tears you share
Or the rolling you do
It's not the shout you shout 
Or the wailing you do
That will make God answer you.

It will not bend God's hands or twist his hands in any way, don't be deceived.
God hears your prayer fine, but that will not make Him answer you faster or make the prayer get to Him faster.
You are not doing trade by barter with God, if you pray long God will answer faster, that's a big lie we have been deceived with over the years.
God has already blessed you, God has already released the blessings on you since Christ died. All you have to do is to walk/ work in it.
He has called you to rest.
©️So Gifted.
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