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Review On Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi No Kyoushitsu E Tv 2nd Season Known In English As Class Of Elite Season 2

This anime is based on a light novel written by Shogo Kinugasa and illustrated by Tomose Shunsaku.

Season 2 starts with the first-year students on vacation aboard a ship during their summer vacation. The last season ended with the school, Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, challenging the students to a camp survival test. The students were given seven days to survive on an uninhabited island with minimal necessities that included two tents, two flashlights, one box of matches, backpacks for amenities for each student, no food, a basic toilet that is reusable, et cetera, and class 1-D came out with an overwhelming victory over other classes. This naturally upsets other classes, especially class 1-C autocrat Kakeru Ryuen, who decided that class 1-D couldn't have been victorious if they didn't have someone working behind the scenes.

He concluded that class 1-D had a "mastermind" within their grasp. Initially, Suzune Horikita, the class representative for class 1-D, was his first suspect due to everything that had happened on the island leading back to her, but he concluded that she was too feeble-minded to execute a victory such as the one on the island. At the same time, the school challenged their students to another test aboard the ship.

Usually, the school would challenge the students with a hidden agenda in place, watching to see what each student would do. In this case, the students were grouped based on the nine planets. There are a total of hundred and twelve students in year one, with twenty-eight students in each class. Three students were picked from class 1-A and B, while four were picked from class 1-C and D. These students were grouped under one planet each and was given the challenge of finding a VIP among them.

The protagonist, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, was grouped in the Mars group along with his classmates, four class C students, and three class A and B students. The test was three days long with one day rest in between, and group discussions were held by 1 p.m. for an hour and 8 o'clock the night for an hour. After the test results were announced, it turned out that Ryuen's class was able to rake up 100 class points while class 1-A lost 200 class points. Class 1-D was able to get 50 class points, while class 1-B remained neutral.

The point system inducted by the school can be referred to as money in which each class is rewarded points for anything of merit. There are the class points rewarded to a class, and then there are private points rewarded to individuals. The school system is built in such a way that the points can be used to buy anything as long as it's within the school rules.

During the test period, Kiyotaka was able to think through what options the school had provided for them, and by using devious means, he was able to gain another pawn, Kei Karuizawa, a girl who seems very popular among class 1-D students from the outside but has a history of bullying. Immediately after they got back from their vacation, another test was set up per usual. They had to prepare for the yearly sports festival, but Kiyotaka had other plans. It turns out that during the second test aboard the ship, there was a traitor in class 1-D. He told Suzune this as well as who the traitor was, Kikyo Kushida, unlike what he told Yosuke Hirata, class 1-D's leader, and Kei. Suzune confronted Kikyo about it, but Kikyo denied it.

During the sports festival, Kiyotaka confronted her about it, and she denied it yet again. Kiyotaka, then mentioned seeing her taking last-minute pictures of their submission form. With the evidence placed on the ground, Kikyo couldn't deny it anymore. She admitted to Kiyotaka that she indeed betrayed class 1-D but only because she wanted to get Suzune expelled. She also admitted that she would only work together with the class if Suzune was gone, adding that as of the moment of their discussion, she also wanted to expel Kiyotaka himself.

Meanwhile, Ryuen took advantage of what Kikyo had sent him about class 1-D. He was able to take out their wingman, Ken Sudo, and due to his short temper, Ken decided to quit the sports festival. He didn't see the need to try because his classmates didn't try to back him up, and he couldn't put his all because of Ryuen's schemes. Suzune was having the same problem as well because both of them were the most athletic students in their class; the class relied on them to lead their class to victory, which had been failing miserably ever since the sports festival began. Kiyotaka convinced Suzune to talk to Ken which she did by talking to him about what makes her vulnerable, which is unlike her. Ken, then apologized to his classmates for his rash behavior. After that, the class worked together to reach the victory they had been aiming for from the start.

Later on that same day, Suzune went to Ryuen. Ryuen had threatened to report her for beating up her opponent, which happened to be in class 1-C. There was clear evidence of that, and Ryuen had told her that she could only be pardoned if she gave him one million points while groveling at his feet. She recorded the entire conversation and threatened to release it if he tried to blackmail her again, but Ryuen was a cunning young man. He had also recorded the entire conversation, threatening to release the original record if Suzune omits the part where he said, "Let me indulge your fantasy." At that moment, someone sent a recording of his conversation with the supposed girl that Suzune had injured. It turns out that Ryuen had injured her himself and wanted to put the blame on Suzune to get her to "grovel at his feet."

The next episode opened up with Sae Chabashira, class 1-D's homeroom teacher, telling class 1-D students about another test put up by the school called paper shuffle, in which each class will prepare a set of questions which would be written by another class. Miss. Chabashira also told them that this test is usually used as an avenue to expel any student. Each student would be grouped into two, in which the average score would be used to expel a student.

Suzune was able to decipher what they, as a class, should do to save a student from the class from being expelled. Her only problem was Kikyo. At this, she stroke a deal with Kikyo stating that she would abide by what Kikyo wanted if only Kikyo was able to score a higher mark than her in a subject of her (Kikyo's) choosing. After so much persuading on Suzune's part, Kikyo agreed only if Kiyotaka would be expelled alongside Suzune.

At that statement, Kiyotaka asked her why she wanted Suzune to be gone so much so that she would have Suzune expelled. Kikyo, in return, told her life story, stating that she doesn't feel comfortable with Suzune because she's afraid that Suzune would tell her to their classmates. In the end, Ryuen betrays Kikyo after the "mastermind" contacts him and offers him trade in exchange for relaying Suzune's plan. Suzune scored higher than Kushida, and this made Kushida angry. She then told Suzune that she would withdraw, causing harm to her, but she never promised not to cause harm to anyone else. At that time, Miss. Chabashira took Kiyotaka to see his father, professor Ayanokoji. Prof. Ayanokoji wanted him to quit his schooling because he believed that Kiyotaka was a prodigy as a result of an experiment that was performed in a location known as "the white room." Chairman Sakayanagi interrupted the exchange and proclaimed that he was the person who recommended Kiyotaka to the school, and due to the school rules, Kiyotaka couldn't quit school.

Prof. Ayanokoji left the school after that, disappointed that he couldn't take Kiyotaka. At the same time, Kiyotaka received a message from Ryuen threatening that he would break Kei if he didn't reveal himself. He sent an email to Kei addressing her bullying history and telling her to meet him at a specified location or else he would reveal her history to everyone. Kei met him and three of his goons, pretending like she didn't know what he was talking about. He tortured her and asked her to tell him who the mastermind was. At that time, Kiyotaka met Miss. Chabashira and Horikita Manabu, the former student council president, and Suzune's elder brother. Their job was to clean up after him while he confronted class 1-C.

Ryuen and his goons were surprised that the mastermind turned out to be Kiyotaka because he had an unassuming presence in class 1-D and was not particularly skilled in anything. One of his goons, Mio Ibuki, was particularly angry because she felt like she was a good judge of a person's character, but she failed to see that Kiyotaka could be the mastermind. After a gruesome fight between Kiyotaka and the class 1-C students, Kiyotaka took Kei away from the scene. The next day, a report was filed against class 1-C by class 1-D reporting to the school about a few cameras that were sabotaged in a certain building. Ryuen figured that Kiyotaka wanted to use him for something as to why he didn't report the bullying that took place. He had lost his motivation to fight because he felt like Kiyotaka was stronger than him, thereby losing class 1-C's tyranny and its ability to ascend to a higher class. Kiyotaka proclaimed that he would help class 1-D ascend to a higher class but that he would also get Kikyo expelled, which would affect class 1-D's ascension.

After an uneventful Christmas day, Kei comes to the conclusion that though she had fallen for Kiyotaka, she knows that Kiyotaka doesn't see her as a person but as a tool that would be useful in the future. In the end, Arisu Sakayanagi, chairman Sakayanagi's daughter, approached Kiyotaka and told him that she knew about the white room. She calls him a false genius and tells him that she believes it's her job to "bury" him. Kiyotaka responded, "Are you capable of burying me?"

Season 3 is coming out next year, and any fan of the class of elite is looking forward to it.

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