River 💭 Bubbles!

A poem of satrical allergy to the act of suspicion , self-denial and self-caution in the face of the evils in our aociety.This is a parable reflection of a fisherman father to his son just learning the robes in the artistry of fishing for 🐟 fish.

Welcome, son
To second life of your mankind,
As your forefathers bear akin,
Now, I laid your footsteps onto,
To fish 🐟 of thine eyes' fishes,
To thrust hook blatantly,
As if they blinded depthly,
Both can feel the pinch's suck,
You flag it up onto the mainland,
Alas, the coven ferry for safety,
One has gone at fisherman's savagery.

Are fishermen wicked?
Are fishermen weird?
Are we, answer me, my son,
In your 👁️ eyelids of eyes,
A curse or accursed mind,
Nay, we are the blessing spleen,
Looking for less marine folks,
That sit 💺 at homes, huts
To seek, see extra buoys,
Of vitality, vitamins,
Repair, replenish tissues.

My son,
Despair not at your efforts,
For cometh your creator's diary,
Of bond with carpentry shed,
Born in a lowly manger,
Yet, he multiplies small bits,
Into spooked basket of takeaways,
Leaving count remnants basins,
Miracle morsel for tucked chewing,
Reverently, his name I bowed,
That says much than the tales.

However, My son,
Water has changed beings,
It's traits, temperament amend,
So the culture, calmness,
What I mean eyes 👁️ see ripples,
It might be bubbling of the whales,
Not the crisscrossing of catfish,
The delicacy of your mama's diet,
Nay, flee for the crocodile 🐊 snake
The evils near base disappear,
Leaving sign blood of revenge,
Of us been requiem souls.

Decorum erupts disruption,
Within their ecosystem,
Just like our communal fold,
When you set fishing net,
Never tarry long to come check,
For fellows can be felons,
To carry your prized harvest,
A Baptism of construction,
So to say for new kinship

Never be haughty hearty,
To think 🤔 of alone knowledge,
Seek festering fraternity,
Yep, the marine stocks,
Have no positioned pitch,
For a bounty catch,
Not a day or occasion set,
For happy fellowship,
When you have excess ditto,
Ask of the vain hands,
For your turn will fate soon.

For Fisherman's destiny,
Day must be water watery,
Of higher body leveling,
Set the boats rolling nil,
No mishap, no wreckage,
Accosted home the gorgeous,
Sailing ⛵ tanks from abroad.

Respect water for wellness,
Never throw carcasses,
Never desecrate their lounge,
From what your spout from upside,
Will make them heirloom,
Or make them heist flight.

Tread softly,
Heap cautiously,
Going forth and backward,
Ground slippery, slips
Just like life lessons,
The holes pucked not the craps,
Alone, Always,
Reptiles...Stings horror,
Stuck fingers ✌️ disturbing,
Confirmed natural privacy,
Oh! When getting darker,
Jerk home 🏃 running,
For Yemoja take charge midnight,
You can't stand her lightening.
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