Round 2? Please! ❤️‍🔥

Say sorry, it heals...Deep within my heart; I've got an inferno; 'cause at you, I shot a dart;

Deep within my heart
I've got an inferno
'cause at you, I shot a dart,
Painfully, now I know.

Hmmm, how that I lost my peace,
Realizing now that you kept me in the piece,
Mysteriously, I can't feel my brain,
Yes, even my heart can't fill my brain.

I wish for only one more round,
So you see the jewel I found,
I promise I won't leave a scar,
Again, I won't pick stones looking for my star.

Now, you'd look by your side,
Whatever the tide,
And you will always find me.
That's how I want it to be.

- @_1st.adam
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