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Rules For Writing A Compelling Fiction Story.


Writing a great story is good. But writing a great and successful story that puts your audience at the edges of their bed is a different game. Let's say you want to write a story for a Fiction writing competition. Let's also say it's a 2,000-word story. You have this beautiful story in your head, but each time you try to pen down your thoughts, you can't seem to communicate well on paper.

How do I begin my opening? How do I develop my plot? Who is my protagonist? How do I introduce the middle story? How will I end it? Where? What? When? How..? How...? What if...? Relax. 😌

Here are ways to go about it.

1. Start strong: "I was eight when Father suddenly announced to us about grandma's burial. It was a Sunday evening and was only a week to her 70th birthday...." Did you see what happened? Your reader is compelled to find out why Grandma died. This creates a kind of suspense at the opening.

2. Find your voice: How do you write? First-person POV, Past tense? Do you infuse your dialect in your stories? Do you write in a particular genre? What makes your writing unique? Make your writing style consistent. For example, how do we recognize famous novelists like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? Wole Soyinka, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Danielle Steele, Charles Dickens?

3. Consider conflicts and obstacles:

What does your character or protagonist need or want? What's the obstacle they must overcome to achieve their goal?

4. How did your story end? Is there a plot twist? Is there a happy ending? Is it a tragi-comedy? Did the protagonist become a become person? Rich and successful? Did the old witch give up eventually?

Something that makes your readers say..."Wow, I can't believe it's finished." So when next you're finding it difficult to write a story, always keep these points in mind. ✌️

The Untamed Writer.

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