Benedicta Anya 10 months ago


A poem about sacrifice...Sacrifice your dreams; If it makes others happy; Sacrifice your time; To make yourself available for everyone;

Sacrifice your dreams
If it makes others happy
Sacrifice your time
To make yourself available for everyone
Sacrifice your thoughts
So as to avoid quarrels
Sacrifice your happiness
To please every single person around you
Sacrifice your love
Just to close the mouth of others
Stop showing off your pain
As tears are a disgrace to others' eye
Stop showing off your hatred
As it gives a bad impression on others
Sacrifice your complaints
As people only like compliments
Stop preaching your ambition
As hopes are the reason for tears
You are supposed to be happy, content, satisfied, and peaceful
As if you have everything you need
The sad reality is you have absolutely nothing and have to perform all these.
Opinions of others will be based on
How good you perform
The greatest performer will be the greatest achiever
All around him aspire to be him
Except himself
Stop all of your planning
As someone above, you have planned everything already
Stop every thought of victory
As there is only a single imaginary line between Success and failure
Stop thinking you are contented
As long as tomorrow is not a promise
You are just a name
And your death will take away even that luxury
All these may arouse some questions
Why are we all living If we sacrifice everything
You may think our life is our choice
You may still arrogantly believe
What you did and doing is as per your taste
Then just go back to your memories
You will easily comprehend that you lived and even lived for others
But not to worry
There were moments
That you were you,
Did what you like,
Show you real,
Never cared about others,
Those moments may not exceed
Hundred days in total
But that would be the best days life had given you
It is the gift for all your struggles
For all your boredoms.


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