Sacrificial Lamb 2

AA horror story...We were about to step into the car, heading to the supposed priest my mother talked about.

Someone barged in through the gate, manacling our steps. "....and what are you doing here, you wīcked sōul" My mother roared. Kate and my mother used to be good friends until life happened. Her late son, Michael, was also my friend too. I'll tell you about all that later. "I'm not here to fight. I just want to talk to her," She said, pointing to my girlfriend, Precious. I feigned a frown and a globoid of turmoil clasped my spine. "That. Will. Never. Happen," I yelled, gripping Precious's hands. "But, babe. Let me hear......" "No," I impeded Precious before she finished the sentence. I shot Kate a deadly scowl, and she let out a sad chuckle. " know, you have overstayed your welcome here. Get out of my house," I squealed."Go. Evīl woman!" My mother snarled. Kate fumed with fury, gritting her teeth in vehemence. "You, Percy!!!" She yelled as she turned to my mother. "You think you can trample on me just because you're richer than I am? First, you and your son murdered my son, and as if that was not enough, you killed his girlfriend too. Why are you so wicked and heartless? Well, the battle line has been drawn," she blurted out.

Tiny streaks of tears scurried down her face. She clutched her wrapper as it was about to fall off her full-figured waist. "I will never let this slide. I will pay you back in your own coin. Especially you, Gilbert. I will hurt you in ways that will rip your heart into shreds. Watch out; you'll definitely see!" She threatened. She raved out of my compound whilst my mother made scornful remarks at her. ******** The priest prayed for my girlfriend, and he assured me that she'd have a safe delivery. My heart leaped for joy, and right away, we commenced our wedding preparation. The priest said God abhors giving birth outside wedlock; moreover, I have more than enough money to kickstart a wedding that will drop the jaws of everyone present.

Three days before our wedding, my fiance went missing. Singeing hot tears flowed down my eyes when I got home to the absence of my bride-to-be. I searched every nook and cranny of the compound, but I didn't catch a glimpse of her shadow. I contacted the police, and they inaugurated a proper search in every alcove and cubicle in the city. After three days, her mutilated body was found in a bush. It rumbled like a strident clatter in my ears when the police told me they found her body - brutally butchered. My heart clung to my throat when I saw her. Her belly - perforated, and her gēnital - chopped off. I wailed; I cried my eyes out. If only tears could arouse the dēad, Precious would be holding my hands at the moment. My finance's sudden disappearance, followed by her tragīc déath, left a question unanswered.

WHO IS THE MASTERMIND BEHIND IT? Everyone pointed accusing fingers at their mother's friend, Kate. After all, she threatened to hurt me in ways that would rip my heart to shreds. What if killing my fiance is her way of hurting me? Though she cried and tried to prove her innocence. She said all those words werewolf tickets - empty threats. No one believed her except myself and my mother. We knew she was telling the truth. Life can be unfair sometimes, and the words we utter in our moments of fury can plunge us into a future we never bargained for. The truth is; that Kate and my mother belong to the same wītchcraft. They use their supernatural powers as a means to protect and command wealth into the lives of their children. However, the requirements require fighting tooth and nail. My late friend, Micheal, who was Kate's son, seemed to be doing well more than me, and let's say I chimed with feral envy. That ignited the tendency to clear him off my coast. That day I slītted his throat, with his blōōd - spilled on the dashboard still makes me feel nostalgic. If you recall, this story started with the scene of a man mutilating a pregnant woman! Yes, that's me - butchering Micheal's girlfriend the same night I kīlled him.

Well, that happened a year ago, and it's time to renew the source of my wealth. My girlfriend's pregnancy came in handy. I remember how pleased I was that the next sacrificial lamb was an embryo that came from my loins. Those gizmos are what my mother eats; you won't blame her for enjoying the fruit of her labor. After all, the more babies and gēnitals she eats, the wealthier I become! 50 - 50, right? I guess Kate is doomed till eternity. She knows everything, but she dares not blab to the police, else the consequences of the oath we took will transcend her from prison to the grave. (The End)

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