Saddling Thoughts

Unknown real thoughts. That people think but can't probably say. Sickening...

Sometimes, she wondered if they'd love her dearly
Adore her, If they ever heard that she was dying
Everyone that says they care and love, that took her for fool
New affections and extreme satisfaction to her is all they can do.

 What if they don't even care till the hour of her sad death.
Will she achieve every simple things that proved a hard threat.
 Sick, choking thoughts and regret was all she ever felt.
What has she done to make all seem like a welding belt.

She wonders if despair is what they would truly feel. But,
The truth she wants to know not, that could so much hurt.
Both ways, giving her all to them who now give a big cut
And to the few who gave their all, now they realize her worth.
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