Safe Childhood Is Fun 1

Is my child safe,? Does he or she know all it takes to stay safe from all harm? Can they, the children protect themselves? The least we can do is provide a safe environment for our growing children. This write-up aims to educate both parents, guardians, and children on safe living for children as they learn and play in their environment, in story form. Who does not enjoy the salient and gently inculcated instructions dosed out in a beautiful story?

It was break-time at Panorama Academy. Ana ran into the classroom screaming and crying. Her palm covered one of her eyes. Blood and tears dripped down her face. She went to her teacher to report the accident. The teacher bent down in front of her and asked her what had happened. She removed Ana's bloody palm from her face. Thankfully, the wound had missed her eye narrowly. It was below the eye. Doose had a sharpened pencil in her hand. She had been telling her friend Ana a story and swinging her arms when the pencil mistakenly injured her. Doose came into the class and stood beside her friend. She apologized to her for hurting her. It was not intended.

Ana was taken to the school infirmary to get some first aid treatment. Her wound was dressed. When break time was over, their teacher, Ms. Ande spoke to the whole class. She showed the pupils Ana's face and explained the situation to them.“So what lesson did we learn in class about sharp and long objects?” Ms. Ande asked the pupils.“You must never play with sharp and long objects,” chorused the pupils.“Arjun, can you give us examples of sharp and long objects?” Mrs. Ande asked. Arjun stood to his feet. “Pencils, sticks, brooms, and broomsticks.” He sat down. “Beautiful, Arjun.

Can anyone remember more sharp or long objects? Yes! Agabi.” “Nails and wires.” “Good, Agabi.” Many other pupils were called up to list the sharp and long objects they remembered. “So, can you see what happens when you don't follow instructions? Ms. Ande pressed on. “Someone can get hurt, just like Ana got hurt today. If Doose's pencil had entered Ana's eye, it could have damaged her eye and made the eye blind. It can be yourself or your friend. Do you want to go blind, children?

"No ma," they chorused. So have you all learned from this safety Lesson?” "Yes, ma!" the pupils chorused. The class continued with other lessons for the day. At the close of the day, Ana and her brother Jones were picked up from school by their father. He went to see the headteacher to find out about Ana's injury before taking his children home. Ana was six years old and in grade two. Jones was four years old and in kindergarten two.

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