Sanctuary Of God

Cockroaches in the sanctuary of God...There are cockroaches in the sanctuary of God, Who has been in existence for more than decades ago.

These cockroaches steal our tithes and offerings in the sanctuary of God, wine, and dine under the altar of God with our cents; who are these cockroaches. Our holy anointing oil and water has been decreasing in the sanctuary of God; our drums and guitars aren't found; who will hear us lamenting,

Cockroaches under the pastor suites and shoes, Who will hear us; congregation panting heavily with pale faces, who will hear our thunderous voice of hallelujah and prayers, yet the cockroaches won't stop sounding mysterious in morning and nights.

Cockroaches under pastor wives shirts; who are these cockroaches with bloodstains in their mouths, Baptized cockroaches reading scriptures in the sanctuary of God, Who are these cockroaches, Yet we never get an answer from our Daddy GO, Cockroaches in the sanctuary of God; gently, our development funds are stolen every day, Yet we never know who is behind this.

Cockroaches in sanctuary wandering around the congregation with innocent faces, prayer warriors at work praying with enigmatic voices, Yet the cockroaches won't stop with their aloud voices; their bodies are glowing with amazing trends. Who are these cockroaches? Our answers are still yet to be reviewed.

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