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Saranghe, Ezinne.

What happens when a former lover suddenly comes back to make amends in a relationship? Will it turn out to be good? Or bad?

"Which one is saranghe again?" Bisola asked as she and her friends were seated at their dinner table at Chief Lekan's third marriage party in Victoria Island, Lagos. The Penta-Bellas--They were what you would call the Owambe babes of Eko City. Always found attending one high-class event, wedding, and ceremony or the other. Today, it's Chief Okoye's party. Tomorrow it's Alhaji Sanusi's.

Not that they were your typical spoilt rich kids, but their families have been together since the very beginning---for they had suffered and worked together to become rich. Their boyfriends, too, were top-class CEOs in multimillionaire industries. It was also odd that in the midst of their partying, they still attended Church on Sundays and stayed from the beginning of the service till the end.

Last week, they had traveled to South Korea for Nifemi's engagement party, and her junior brother had invited all his friends, including Ezinne's ex, Kim, a former fashion model, now a business owner, for they had dated when she was the personal assistant to his Aunty, who was then a renowned fashion designer and illustrator in South Korea. The invitation was not meant to happen... Because the moment it did, the moment he set eyes on Ezinne again after three years, "Saranghe" hadn't left his mouth since. "I think Saranghe, is an endearing word meaning "I Love You," Laura, their American friend, explained from her I-phone.

"Well, tell him you're already engaged, nah. Abi kini gbogbo rubbish is this?" Bisola ranted, almost at the edge of smacking this so-called Saranghe guy, as they sipped their drinks.

Ezinne had also tried to explain to Kim heaven and earth that she must have been mistaken as someone he knew. (Such irony)... Three years ago, Ezinne, who was studying Fashion and Design, was the Personal assistant and student to his mom, who was then a Fashion Coach in South Korea. That was how they met.

When he proposed at the bridal party, it was such an embarrassing moment for Ezinne as she stood in shock at Kim's proposal, which by the flight of a hummingbird, had already circulated on social media! And how he got she and her friend's hotel room number was baffling. Which was eight months ago... And now, whilst in the midst of watching Chief Lekan dancing with his new bride, a message popped up on Ezinne's phone. It was from an unknown number, a foreign one at that. Using a special kind of app that identifies unknown callers. Kim's name appeared.

Ezinne's eyes almost popped out of her eye sockets as she almost spat out her drink. "Chineke nna," she exclaimed, covering her mouth. To say she was shocked was a total understatement. Her friends saw the name too. "Did Kim just say he's coming to Nigeria this weekend?!" Khadija exclaimed after glancing at Ezinne's phone. "But isn't it the same time that Jide is returning from Canada? Laura asked. "Talk about so much stupid confidence," Nifemi muttered as she sipped her vodka. "Nitori Oloun" Bisola gritted her teeth in disgust as she could no longer contain her anger.

Ezinne's friends were short of words when they read the message from her phone for almost the 10th time. What will she tell Jide, her fiance, if he finds out? How will her soon-to-be Mother-in-law see her as? The picture of her and the proposing Kim from the engagement party is already over the internet. (Thanks to that incompetent computer geek that has failed to remove those pictures from the internet). "5 missed calls from Saranghe guy," Ezinne groans as she gulps the last shot of her drink. She then furiously types on her phone: "How to curse someone in the Korean language."

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