Save Me

Lord save me from my mind; Less I kill myself; Oh! Lord save me from my mind;

Lord save me from my mind,
Less I kill myself.
Oh! Lord save me from my mind,
Less I destroy myself by myself

Let condition not cause me to hold a gun,
Having nothing to lose
I heard that life is turned by turn
But am tired of this life I want to cruise.

Oh! Lord save me from this thinking,
Save me less I start killing.
Save me from this pressure,
Less I kill someone for the sake of pleasure.

Lord, please help me protect my heart,
So that I won't have a lionheart,
Even the Bible says about this heart,
Lord I don't want to have a wicked heart.

Lord save me from the world,
Am really going insane
Save me from this world,
Before I start to obtain.

Lord make my life stew,
I don't want to join yahoo.
Father bless me with fortune,
So that my life will rhyme with every tune.
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