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Saved To Serve

Solomon had been obsessed with the act of masturbation for quite a while. He was a member of the choir in his church, and everyone knew him as a devoted chorister, but they were oblivious to the secret sin he had been committing.

He knew it was a sinful and abominable act before God, as it had been emphasized during holiness sermons or messages, but it had become bondage in his life. His masturbation addiction made his spiritual life lethargic. He lost his consecration, commitment, and dedication to the service of God. Everyone began to wonder what had come over him. They inquired about his sudden change, but he kept on saying, "all is well." The choir leader approached him to know why he had been acting weird, but he gave the usual response, "all is well."

Solomon had decided to stay away from the presence of God for the time being and make right his wrongs.

Solomon, crying: Lord, please save me from this mess. A knock on the door. Who is there?

John: It's me, John.

Solomon: Please come on in.

John, he came in: I'm sorry to disturb you. I heard you crying. Are you okay at all?

Solomon: Of course I am.

John: You are not. Your eyes are even red!

Solomon: I'm alright, please. Please let me have some time to myself, friend.

John: I won't let you be my friend. I know why you are crying.

Solomon, taken aback: How do you know?

John: You have been secretly committing a terrible sin in the sight of God. I caught you red-handed in the act last night without your notice. If you want God to save you from that mess, then you must hold on to the word of power and deliverance.

Solomon, sobbing: It has been an obsession in my life which has become irresistible. I've tried all I could to overcome it, but the urge keeps coming. I have decided to go to God in prayer, so I can have freedom.

John: The conquerable weapon is not prayer alone, but the power of His word. I meant to say that prayer will assure us of not only complete dominion and freedom but also His word. You must first request that He wash you and cleanse your heart of the sexual perversion known as "masturbation." Hold on to His word of power daily. Pray and back up your prayer with scriptural references that will inspire you to have permanent victory forever. Finally, restrain your fleshly desires or appetites, and know that you can overcome by the word if you come to God in genuine repentance, resist the demonic agents oppressing your life, and renounce Satan, the tempter. 

Solomon: Thank you so much for your godly counsel, my brother in Christ. I promise to stand firm by His grace.

John: God bless you for those positive words! I pray that the grace and power of God will be made available to you so you can resist it anytime and anywhere.

Solomon: Amen. 

John: Before I take my leave, I want you to pray with the following references. Please pick up a pen and a book and write them down. He did as instructed. James 4:17, 1 Corinthians 15:2, 1 Corinthians 9:27, Ephesians 2:8, and Colossians 3:2. My friend, your deliverance is certain and permanent. Trust in Him and have faith in Him. I'll come and check up on you later. He stood up.

Solomon: God bless you, dear friend, for your words of encouragement. I appreciate it! 

John: Don't mention. Bye for now. He exits.

Solomon agonized in prayer both day and night for two weeks, and he backed up his prayers with the scriptural references his friend John gave him earlier. While praying, he was endued with power from on high, and he got complete dominion from masturbation. He saw the mighty move of God in his life; the urge and desire for masturbation had gone completely out of him. He is now totally free from the bondage of masturbation. Furthermore, he continued in his service to the Lord in the choir unit, and he shared his testimony of deliverance with them. "I am now saved to serve." "I will stay in God till eternity and serve Him without looking back," he confidently assured himself.

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