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Saving Grace

I woke up suddenly; I looked around my room and found out it was still dark. I couldn't see anything.

The Holy Spirit told me "to go to the back of my hostel" I took my torchlight and hurriedly went outside. I went to the back of the hostel; I saw Bisi (my roommate). I went close to see what she was doing. I saw her with a knife; she was left dry and high.

She saw me, she told me to go, and I should leave her to die. "Jesus loves you, and he got a plan for you; he knows your past and sees your future" "He doesn't want to harm you," "He only wants to give you hope," I said. "I have no future; I'm empty and nothing," she said. "You have a glorious future ahead; you're a nation, you're graced," I said. The words sunk deep into her heart, and she almost fell down, I ran to her, and she fell into my arms. I took her to the room and laid her on her bed; she fell heavily and slept off. I went to my own bed, sat down, and thanked the Holy Spirit. I prayed and slept off._________________________________________

I woke up early and had my quiet time. I went to Bisi's bed and found out that she was awake and she was crying. I sat her up, and I told her to tell me about her past. She told me about her past; I was moved, and I spoke to her about Calvary's love and explained it to her in detail. She was surprised that someone could still love her, she gave her life to Christ and continued walking in Faith henceforth!_________________________________________

Sin is unprofitable; it spells destruction and doom. Sinfulness is a result of one being born into sin and rebelliously following the pattern of the world and dictates of the flesh through satan's influence. Thank God the situation is not hopeless as He provided a way through Christ's Sacrifice so that we may escape eternal punishment. God's "Overwhelming, reckless love" for you and me was manifesting in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It beats one's imagination that Christ would leave the glory of heaven and be humbled to be born of a woman and physically in the flesh like you and me just to fulfill the Redemption of Mankind. It is surely unthinkable that any would reject God's love.

All a sinner needs to do to experience this saving grace and make heaven his or her destination is by denying the flesh and receiving Jesus Christ through faith as personal Lord and Savior. Pray for the Saving grace now.

# fiction

© Moyosoreoluwa Abiola.

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