Say No To Drug Abuse!

Do you know that you are a potential genius? Your amazing brain has more than 18 billion cells, each one of which is connected to and interlinked with as many as 20,000 others.

This means that the number of positive thoughts you can think of is greater than all the molecules in the known universe. You have the capacity to learn at incredible rates and to retain more information than you can even imagine. Let me tell you something: these illegal drugs you are taking have adverse effects on your brain. 

All drugs–nicotine, cocaine, marijuana, and others–affect the brain’s “reward” circuit, which is part of the limbic system. This area of the brain affects instinct and mood. Drugs target this system, which causes large amounts of dopamine—a brain chemical that helps regulate emotions and feelings of pleasure—to flood the brain. This flood of dopamine is what causes “high dopamine.” It’s one of the main causes of drug addiction.

Although initial drug use may be voluntary, drugs can alter brain chemistry. This can change how the brain performs and interfere with a person’s decision-making ability. It can lead to intense cravings and compulsive drug use. Over time, this behavior can turn into a substance dependency or drug and alcohol addiction.

Alcohol can have short- and long-term effects on the brain and the brain’s communication pathways. These can influence mood, behavior, and other cognitive function. Brain damage may also occur through alcohol-induced nutrition deficiencies, alcohol-induced seizures, and liver disease. In pregnant women, alcohol exposure can impact the brains of unborn babies, resulting in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. 

The most severe health consequences of drug abuse are death. Deaths related to synthetic opioids and heroin have seen the sharpest rise. In the past 12 months, 212,000 people aged 12 or older have used marijuana for the first time. Every day, more than 90 Nigerians die after overdosing on opioids. The primary source of value today is not land, labor, and other hard assets but knowledge, information, and ideas. For example, the Richest Person in the World, Bill Gates, created Microsoft through his brainpower. The ability to create wealth is determined by mental strength rather than physical strength. 

Your ability to utilize your brainpower and unlock your creative abilities is absolutely essential to your success. The most successful people today are those who are continually investing in learning and expanding their intellectual assets. They are wide open to new ideas and new approaches. Use your brain to create, not to destroy it through DRUG ABUSE!

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