School ✏️ 🎓 🍎

A psychic refractory trance of how mankind's life projectile should be an engrossing analysis of the inward and outward environment of his/her personal innate instinct and wits concerning his/her feats/failures.

The School,
Of my life, I run,
Quizzical inking my moods,
No heads counting around,
No Morning Assembly,
No teachers, No Principal,
Abyss with mine...myself,
Timing the timetable,
Excerpt that of Ageing,
Alone in my lonely Range.

Was it Of Others,
I can't say such,
For myself I can't ma,
Help you run that dream,
Of having a school ✏️
Least I stay glued, gloomy,
Like a Moron mannequin,
The one with splash clothier,
Yet, the plastic plaque stands,
Moody and looks tasteless.

Lesson note...Scheme of Work,
From my thoughts...ideas!
Attendance register...Staff meeting,
My soul...spirit...flesh only!
In the trials...failures...rise-up
Isn't that fair for my embodiment?
Timing my ears...eyes...hairs.

Rather sitting 💺 seeking,
For your SCHOOL's Task,
The budding in me flags off,
My reports ♣️ card...grades,
📈 Success or Failures 📉!
I nay if I a fighter,
I Nil if I a loser,
Not pulling up a facade mask,
Saying A teacher or a Principal,
When gatecrashed loft the door,
Of my own school of life.

Madame, Au Revoir,
I am wobbling on forth,
On the course of life,
We sit and see Now,
I am in a phase of pupilage
Of the season of purples
When a worker seems idle,
Why wasting if not for direction,
That is a school's leeway,
Ditto genius...wacky...Never do wells,
Ditto Success...Averages...Failures,
When my eyes blurry, bleak
The school in me will wake my soul.
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