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School Love (chapter 1)

Something sweet and funny happened toda Sy. I can’t recall the last time someone made me blush. And by someone, I mean a lady.o, after class today, I left school and went home. I got to the school’s gate (Gate 6); just when I was about to cross to the other side of the road, a lady bumped into me. I am very sure she did it on purpose. Well, as a gentle guy, I smiled and even told her sorry. Then she smiled back at me. Her smile made my heart beat faster. This lady was beautiful.

Me: ahm… sorry, do I know you?

Lady: I don’t think so.

Me: oh. Is this how you smile at strangers or…?

Lady: Do you know you’re handsome?

That was weird. There is no one guy who will come back from MOUAU gate and be looking handsome. No way. It’s either you look tired or stressed or hungry. Sometimes, you may look like a zombie.

Me: (smiles) ahm… I really don’t like being pranked, okay? Especially not in public.

Lady: I’m not pranking you o. Do you think there’s a camera somewhere?

Me: obviously.

Lady: for real, this is not a prank. I saw you from a distance, and I thought it would be nice to talk to you.

Me: Okay, that’s nice.

Lady: My name is Sophia.

Me: Damian.

Lady: Damian, I like you. Can I have your number?

Now that was funny. I burst into laughter immediately.

Me: Wait, are you chyking me?

Lady: is it bad?

Me: of course not. I mean, it feels good to be chyked.

I laughed again.

Lady: stop laughing, joor.

Me: I’m sorry.

Lady: where are you going? Can I buy your lunch?

It was at this point I knew she was serious.

Me: what?

Lady: Though I saw you with a lady. Is she your …?

Me: (smiles) No. She’s my good friend and my coursemate.

Lady: but do you have someone?

Me: No, why?

Lady: Lucky for me. Let me buy you lunch.

Me: No, thank you. I’m good.

I lied. I was seriously in need of something to eat at that moment, but my pride and ego made me say No.

Lady: Please, nah. Let’s go get snacks at Favourite.

Me: are you serious?

Lady: of course.

Me: ahh, okay. Let’s go, then.

We walked down a little and entered Favourite. She ordered two meat pies each for us.

Lady: what drink do you like?

Me: Pepsi.

Lady: alright. I will go for the sprint.

I thought she would ask me to pay or something; instead, she opened her purse and brought out cash, and paid for the snacks and drink.

We then look for a place to sit.

Me: I’m still trying to wrap my head around what is happening right now. Are you sure you are not pranking me?

Lady: I told you already. I like you.

Me: why?

Lady: Now you are making me feel stupid for doing this.

Me: No, no, no. I’m sorry, okay. I didn’t mean to. I’m only surprised at your courage to tell a guy how you feel, and I’m wondering why me. Why ugly Damian?

Lady: Your number, can I have it?

Me: yeah, sure.

I gave her my MTN number, which has been offline for weeks now. While we were still talking, a lady in my department also walked into Favourite. What a coincidence.

She’s someone I’ve been eyeing since my first year. The first time I spoke to her about something not related to feelings, she gave me attitude, so I respected myself and packed one side.

Just last week, we started greeting each other again, and I was feeling the tiny-tiny spark. I don’t know what spark that was, but there was a spark. She saw us together and did as though she knew me not. I was busy chomping on my snacks and a cold drink. Na who buy me food I go follow.

Lady: I have to go now. I will call me this evening.

Me: alright.

Lady: bye.

Me: thanks for the snacks, though.

Lady: don’t mention. Plenty more things to come.

That was an assuring statement. I was just smiling like an ode. Just before she entered a Keke, she said, “I will find you on Monday.” ***** We shall see how it will go. Ladies and gentlemen, my missing ribs have just found me.

©Damian King Stanley

School Love

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