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School Love (chapter 2)

Today being Saturday, I went to school... My initial reason for going to school on a Saturday was canceled, but because I needed to see some people, I found my way to school still. The plan was simple - enter, meet with the person and head out immediately. No need to spend time there. Little did I know that there was something waiting for me. I met with the first person, we spoke, and I left. I also met the second person and walked her to her hostel (NDDC). We were just outside talking when Sophia spotted us.

Sophia is the lady that bumped into me yesterday. The one I thought was my missing ribs. 😢😢She saw us talking from a distance and got angry. I don't even know why she'd be angry because I was with a lady. She went and reported us to her uncle - the head of security men close to that hostel. Like play, like play. They came to drag us to the office. As a gentleman and a Zaddy figure, I wasn't bothered. "It's probably a misunderstanding," I thought. We got to the security building.

Security man: (ranting) what were you doing at the lady's hostel?

Me: (confused) ¿¿ I didn't know it was now a crime to see someone. Sophia went inside while we were being interrogated outside. So I brought my phone and was scrolling through my menu for my camera 🌚 in my head, I was like, "this scene should be good for my video content* The man saw me pressing my phone and got angry. "I'm talking, and you're pressing your phone." Baba bounced at me o and dragged me on my hair.

My precious hair... Who does that? Ahh, it's taboo for someone to touch my hair. Not to mention rough handling it. I was going to apologize to him for that, but my ego was always active, and my pride had a reputation to keep. Instead, I shut my mouth. "Gbiiimm " "Gboiimmm" Baba hit me on my back. 😩😩😩 A whole Zaddy! Zaddy in the mud. It was really an embarrassing moment, but instead of feeling embarrassed... I almost laughed for real πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Sophia finally came out. It was then I understood what was going on.

Me: Sophia?

Sophia: I thought you said she's just your friend.

Me: Yeah, she is.

Sophia: And you two were together, talking and smiling.

Me: hiaaa... I don't understand.

Sophia: You came from your lodge to visit her, and yet you claim she's just your friend.

Me: Wait, wait, what's the meaning of this? Is that why we were dragged here?

The yeye man was standing behind her. Looking like a stout bottle, with his head looking strong like three days Eba and his tummy shaped like a football. Keep face like sapale water and eyes like that of a fawu. 🌚🌚

Let me finish him, jare. I don't have the strength to fight back, but I can deal with him in my story. πŸ˜€ I just looked at this man from head to toe and shook my head. In my mind, "I no blame you. Na meat pie and Pepsi wey I collect from this little demon, I blame".

Sophia: Is she your gf?

Me: Aunty, I don't have to tell you anything.

The man ordered one of his men to lead us inside their cell o. πŸ₯² I was feeling pity for that, my friend. You people won't understand. She just does not deserve such treatment. (My dear, sorry we witnessed shiiit today). Later, that man came back and started asking mumu question. I didn't want to have a problem with the school security or management till I was done here, so I behaved myself. I was just saying, "Yes sir," "sorry sir," "yes sir."

If only the yeye man knew who I am. πŸ˜”πŸ˜” Who am I, sef? Make I no deceive myself. My crime was that I was too close to the lady's hostel. They finally let us go. My friend returned to her hostel while I headed back home. Sophia still followed me o.

Me: Aunty, what else do you want from me?

Sophia: Oya, I'm sorry. I was only jealous when I saw you two together.

Me: na, that jealousy go keeee you o. Angry for what?

Sophia: I told you I like you. I even bought you lunch yesterday, and today, you're with another.

Me: (laugh) I don go chop trap. So because you bought snacks n Pepsi for me, I should not talk to my female friends again.

Sophia: Yes.

Me: ahh... Whatever you think is going on between us is over right now.

Sophia; says who?

Me: ehhh... Are you whining to me? Aunty, shift o. If it's snacks, I'll get it back to you on Monday.

Sophia: Buy it now, or you agree to cut off that girl.

Such audacity. I thought God had blessed me with someone who would feed me till I graduated. I didn't know; the devil brought her my way. I had only my transport money on me. It's not even enough to buy one meat pie.

Me: like I said, till Monday.

Sophia: it's now, or you do as I said.

She was not joking o. Shishi no dey my bank. I no get cash still. I'm broke 😩😩😩 So I agreed to her request, just to escape embarrassment.

Sophia: thank you so much. Love you.

Me: (mute) I walked by her and continued my journey.

Then she said, "Now, you're mine forever."

πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯±**** We shall see how it goes.

Β© Damian king Stanley

School Love.

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