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School Troubles

The hardship some students face in the university coupled with lack of support from home is a bad influence on it's own. Here's a short story of a girl with no one but herself trying to survive in the university

"Dear customer, you do not have sufficient airtime to make a call; dial *606# to borrow airtime or *904*airtime amount# to buy airtime directly from your bank". "Like I had money in my bank account to recharge" this is the 6th time she was hearing this automated response. She still kept trying, though, in hopes that a beep flash would at least be put through to her father. She was at an all-time low again with no money and no food alone in the city of Benin for schooling. She needed money urgently; she had bills piling up, handouts from lecturers she needed to buy, school dues to complete, and debts she owed.

"Ah, thank Jesus, a beep was finally sent; he should see it and call back soon." As expected, her father called, and she accepted the call with no hesitation. "Hello, daddy; good afternoon, sir. How are you" she said to the speaker. "Good afternoon Danielle; I'm fine. How are you? How is school? Hope you're reading well?" He replied back. That's not what she called for; right now, grades were the least of her problems; you can't read on an empty stomach; she cut straight to the point. "I'm not fine, daddy. I'm suffering; I don't have food, the handouts for this semester are nearly sold out, and I don't have mine; I currently don't have light at home because I haven't played my light bill. I don't even have money to buy sachet water," she cried into the phone. Her father signed, "Calm down; how much would you need to sort all these you have mentioned now?".

Feeling a little relieved, she breathed in and said: "Thank you, sir; about thirty thousand nairas should be enough to hold me for the month." "Ah ah!!" Her father exclaimed. "Thirty thousand, what happened? Is it the full Benin you want to buy? I only have seven thousand to give o". Danielle was appalled; seven thousand naira? In Benin city!? Even the thirty thousand naira wasn't going to cut it, but because she didn't want to burden the home too much, she left it at that. "Daddy, you know it's Benin I'm staying in; the cost of living here is high, unlike home. Anything you wish to purchase here is like twice the price of what we'll get it for at home. Daddy, please add something to it please", she tried to plead and bargain with her father. "Okay, I will send ten thousand naira, and I don't want you to call me and complain about money this month o, you know how things are at home. Do you want your siblings to go hungry? You have to manage yourself; if I was in your shoes, I would use this ten thousand and still have extra change left. I will send it to you by next week when they pay me my salary, bye-bye", and the line went dead. Feeling more drained than before, she sent her account details to her father and just sat in the room with her thoughts.

'How am I supposed to manage ten thousand naira and still have extra cash left? That money is barely enough to fix half of her problems, it could buy my handouts and pay my debts at most, but that's it. Food won't be covered either will the light bill. Transportation fee isn't even something I have the luxury to afford. Why must I stress and suffer like this? I'm not the one that made them have so many kids, and neither am I the one that caused their lack of luck in cash flow. They should've known that it would cost a lot to train seven children before trying for us. Why did they send me to school if they knew they wouldn't assist me as normal parents would? What's even the point of me continuing this? I should just drop out and rest. I know many girls my age that aren't in school, and they're doing fine even without their parent's help. Ten thousand naira? How on earth is that supposed to help? Shade was telling me of this hookup gig she has; it seems to be paying well. I mean, look at the shade. She orders uber from bolt every day and is living in a two-bedroom apartment with her boyfriend. I could do just two; it would be enough to solve all my problems with a lot of extra cash left. Maybe I should, no, no; I would.'

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