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Scorpion In My Pajamas

A childhood experience...I remember the sound of the scrunch of dry leaves early in the morning. It was the days that once I woke up, as would everyone, we'd see 'Udala,' which we also know as the 'Agbalumo,' placed on the center table of the parlor, as we all called it. It was the living room.

'The Udala had this sweet-sour combination as some Udal's had, but this one was unusually sweet. This tree was just behind the fence of my mum's family compound in the village. Once, we woke up to the sound of a hooting bird which I once heard was called the 'Agu-nkwo' If I'm not mistaken. This was where I found peace, maybe where my love for Retro-Aesthetics (Aesthesia).

This phenomenon can only be felt coherently but not explained sometimes. My grandma stood upstairs to watch us play with goats. My brother practically named the goats. Each time she told us to be wary of scorpions behind the stones or underneath them. It was her way of warding us off from packed stones, she was concerned.

I never got to understand why we were always called 'Nwadiana' everywhere we were sighted. I was a child, and so was my brother too. We were warned of certain ants on a guava tree in the middle of my mother's compound; the ants stung as we were told. So I was weary of both scorpions and ants, but then the child in me wanted to play and explore. I can't forget the early morning dew and the smell it gives off with dry leaves, goats, and the soil. I also see, in my mind's eye, the miles of green areas filled with palm trees and other trees. Oftentimes, the village was for pap and village Akara; it was different from what I ate in town.

A certain taste of the akara was remarkable, and maybe it was because we drank pap from my grandpa's plates; the taste must have been different and somewhat special. But I know that we fled before anything else; we were so engrossed in our plays that we took risks regardless. We still wanted to know what was behind the stones and still picked on the little innocent ants _ as they looked but maybe not innocent as I perceived. My father caught insects like 'grasshoppers,' 'praying mantes, and 'drones' for us. Insects that could not hurt, as well as 'butterflies' and 'moths'; I think beetles a few times. But it was where our fearlessness for insects and little creatures sprung from.

It was where our compassion for little creatures was nurtured and borne; we understood that the lives of little harmless creatures mattered as ours too. If they were beautiful too, they needed to be nurtured sometimes and appreciated. Now as an adult, I appreciate them by leaving them to be free to exist as their right in the universe and in nature. I was playing this late afternoon one day, and something crawled beneath my pajamas; I screamed and cried so hard. I kept screaming that a scorpion was in my silky white pajamas _ we called them 'pajamas.'

Everyone was confused; my mum was distraught, and my grandma was more distraught. The sight of my tears made everyone uncomfortable and scared. My father was there coincidentally that day; he had come to visit. But after a while, someone said, 'It's not a scorpion,' and scorpions strike and leave. Quietly I pulled off my trouser, only for us to see an inquisitive-looking 'Grasshopper' looking at all of us. There was roaring laughter, but I didn't find it funny. My grandma always talked about scorpions, so I assumed it was one. My carefree brother went back to playing with sticks, stones, and little creatures while he still herded the goats for the rest of the day, but I just stayed upstairs and looked on from the verandah as he had his time downstairs, having fun. In my mind_ I was thinking, if I ever go back to play, it will definitely be a scorpion next time. I just stayed upstairs, but by the next day, I had forgotten all about the scorpion, which was just a grasshopper that crawled into my pajama trousers.

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