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Search It In...

Bro Ojo, I need this job! No problem Sarah. Meet me tomorrow. Oh! I will be there. Hannah! I already accepted. Why didn't you search it in the spirit? What is that?

Hannah! Why are you like this? I have been begging you for months now to connect me with your boss, but you refused. Ha ha! Try and understand. I tried, but my boss did not need any staff for now! Also, I feel somehow convinced that your job is on the way. Maybe I should just come there myself. No, you shouldn't. I will help you try more if you would not listen to me. Thanks, my darling friend.******************************* Hello bro! Yes, I don't mind any amount. Wow...Should I come tomorrow? Thanks so much. I will be there. Knock on the door. Who is there? It's Hannah! Oh! Welcome, dear! Thanks. How was work today? Fine, I bless God. I am hungry! Any food for me? Yes, I prepared Semo and vegetables. know I love that. Yes! I know. But Hannah! I have a hot gist for you. Okay, Sarah! What is this gist that you can't wait till I finish eating? Sorry! I will be so brief! So, I called bro Ojo, and he promised me a job...a very promising job... I feel good... Wait...which bro, Ojo? The uncle that lives down my parent's street then. I remember him but did he now have a company or what? Since you have refused to help me, he has decided to do that, and I am meeting him tomorrow by God's Grace. Okay! No problem but please try and pray about it before you go. Pray again? Why that? See Sarah, my friend o. Are you ignorant of the vices of the devil? Everything and anything you will be doing, you should pray about it. Okay! I will do that before I sleep. Is that all? No. What again? Search it in the Spirit! What is that?

SEARCH IT IN THE SPIRIT means you should check if what you are about to do align with the Will of God. Not only that but does it align with the Will of God for your life? Anything outside of God's will is poison to his child, and as you know, poison can kill if not treated fast and well. It damages organs, weakens the body a whole lot, and with other effects. So, how does this implies to the spiritual aspect mummy yard? Stop Sarah! I am not mummy yard; I am a daughter of the highest just like you. No o! You know God more than me. You are more spiritual than I! Oh my God! See me see this lady o! You stop where you stop! What do you mean by that? Sarah, knowing God is personal involvement, commitment, and consistency, then grace! The grace of God and mercy. So many people only tend to know God due to what others, like their mentors, pastors, etc., tell them about God, but no, it should be more than that.

The passion should come from your relationship with him, and from there, the hunger and thirst should increase, but my sister, it is work; a lazy person can not serve God! You should love studying and praying with other spiritual activities assigned to you by the directions of the Holy Spirit. Wow... Thanks, my dear Hannah! I learned a lot from that, but please answer my question. See o! You were the one that said something else, and I need to clear you! Now, I understand it to an extent. Maybe next time, you will tell me how to know God more; thank God we are living together. No problem. Remind me of your last question, please. Hannah! Search it in the Spirit; how does it imply to my spiritual life? Okay! I will continue from the physical poison example I used; spiritually, if you take poison, which is usually from the devil, your lust or flesh, which will first quench the fire on your altar as that can reduce the effectiveness of the poison and the devil being cunning doesn't want that, other effects will come from the fire quenching. What do you mean? Your prayer will reduce, and you won't find anything wrong with it.

Your sensitivity to things around you will reduce greatly, and you will begin to allow sins gradually. If grace and mercy are not applied fast, there will be death spiritually first, then physical death either through abortion due to fornication or anything. Hmmm... Thanks so much, Hannah! I will pray about it and search it in the spirit before taking any actions. It will be so good of you, darling. My last question, please. Okay? What about those that are died spiritually and there is no Holy Spirit in them to search through? You have asked a very good question, darling. It is as simple. They should surrender everything to God, accept the life He has for them and pray for directions on whom to learn from. Okay. I need to go and eat, Sarah! I am hungry.

I didn't go to bro Ojo the following day as I received it not to go though he called me repeatedly, I picked it up and explained everything to him, but when I realized he didn't understand, I just switched off my phone. A few months later, bro Ojo became so rich, and I got a well-paying job, not from him but from one of Dangote's companies. Bro Ojo was later arrested, and he confessed to my friend and me when we went visiting that he did money rituals but got caught after he killed a commissioner's daughter. He said he had used six ladies in the space of eight months, the first lady he used didn't die and won't die till he dies, but she will just be living a miserable life. Guess what? He used the first lady on the day he gave me an appointment; thank God for my friend, Hannah, who taught me to SEARCH IT IN THE SPIRIT. If not, I would have gone after he repeatedly called, and above all, thank God for His mercy and grace... Bro Ojo was later sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor.

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