See What Law Has Become!

A trite reaction to the shallow display of brazen insensitivity by some group 👥 of self-opportunistic lawyers whose stance yet professional beclouded the expected sense of reasoning in the public parliament .As a poet, I felt a nudge to write ✒️ because prosperity will judge all and sundry not in the life thereafter only but very soon.

See what LAW has become!
Now a capture of travesty,
Unlike the days of the scions,
Sapara, Fawehimmi, Osobu,
GOK Ajayi, Rotimi Williams,
Whom hardly let the catharsis,
Of light, paparazzi fazed them,
Now, the wigs are dazed dazzling,
Just Binge of how shaken rot,
Of the body of benchers soil,
Of the reeks and impetus recoil.

See what LAW has become!
That the Blind mortal outside pose,
One hand holding the scale,
The other holding the perhaps...
With the face blindfolded,
Quickly learned eggheads garlands
Outside with brim yeast of jokes,
Telling us how high in their 👁️ eyes
How being religiously marred 🚔 LAW court.

Deborah was burned in 🔥 fires,
Charred body spit upon by reeks,
Toast of a jerky hand 👏 lighting,
Declared unseen null and void,
Making a televised boast online,
The next is trailers of whims words
From Odinkalu, whom caged astray
Never going for Sokoto Arcade,
Meeting of Bar Association fiesta,
Political in nerd houses stifle,
Fear losing ☑️ bounty votes,
In the next ➡️ general elections.

Police sharpened false gauntlets
Arrested two stray dogs🐩 🐕
Out of the multiples poking,
Led by a love Winkler spurned,
Then, spam routine outcry,
The battle cries jolt spines,
Deborah buried not burdened,
Courts receive the assaulters,
Just on mild charges,
At the sanctity of her life.

Is this what LAW has become?
Water for ablution valuable,
Notoriety of a human blood,
So dismissive of the lead counsel,
Is this what Law has become?
That state law rhetoric cannibalism
Yield solidarity for cold extremism,
Even if there must be prosecution,
Yet, there must be defense,
Can the faces be humbled?
Leaving  forgiveness cheap bargaining.

Prick our faces oddly,
Maybe epochal finale debut,
What if it is SAN wreath day,
Circle around nukes 🥚 eggs,
As lined up stupidity advocates, 
Just like class register ✔️ ticked,
Absenteeism days yielding,
We have new faces of yours
Across the tiers of ties, suits,
Law instill veto of lawlessness
We have screen 💻 faces of yours.

Is this how LAW has become?
Sensible opinions can differ,
Compassion on humanity plank,
As if there are some untouchables,
We, the downtrodden left peril
On the albatross of senility,
As if they have seen alpha's face 
Telling them take charge,
For my celestial angels vacating,
At this innocuous timescale,
Such rage is always Pandora,
Is this what LAW has become?

Is this what LAW has become?
Freedom of yours finesses
Drape in silk gowns tottering,
Coming out now chambering,
For the course of new reinvent,
Makes US neutrals in allegiance,
Is this what LAW has become?
System versus sensiblities.
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