Sex Before Marriage Is Never An Option.

A reason you should Abstain from sex Before Marriage... I vividly remember when a guy threatened to deal with me if I don't stop preaching to the girl he wanted to have s*x with.

The lady being my close friend doesn't hide anything from me; she will always tell me whenever she's in a relationship with a guy and how the relationship is going. She called me one time to tell me that the guy she's in a relationship with Currently is insisting to have s*x with her for him to believe that she loves him. I told her she shouldn't try such a thing and she agreed. She called me another time and said "Wilson, I'm sorry, I kissed him today and I felt all his feelings for me are real, I don't know what to do but I think I'm beginning to fall for him. I don't want to lose him for anyone, I love him and everything about him..." Before she could finish I told her "Shut up! He doesn't love you and having sex with him will change nothing! If he loves you he won't dare ask for sex outside marriage " I realized I was being too harsh and took a deep breath. Then I asked her to see me the next day.

When we met, I gave her deep counseling and told her we will Engage in fasting and praying for 2 days. During those two days, the guy noticed I was the one behind the time-wasting for him to kpash the young lady. He stopped me along the road " Why have you decided to destroy what God has joined together? Why do you want to spoil this love? I love that girl and I want to make her mine for life" he said. For a while, I laughed and gave him a response "God will not allow you kpash her before joining you people together, it's outside what God plans for a godly relationship " he got angered by my response and threatened me. "If You don't let that girl be, I will put you in your place with a shot" I looked at him from eye ball to eye ball and raised a finger "You can't do more than a dead rat" while being afraid, I brought down my finger and walked away.😂

The lady called me a night before the next morning and told me the guy has booked a hotel for them to kpash and he threatened to leave her if she doesn't come. At this point I was so Broken, that I fell out of breath for a moment and shouted No! I went down on my knees and prayed "Lord, if not for anything else, don't let that guy's plan work because he has dared to see what you can do. Don't let him, give that lady a testimony of her life" I cried while saying this prayer because I knew the weight of the mistake that lady was about to make.

The next morning I received a call. It was the lady, "My boyfriend just got arrested this morning because of the lady he sexually molested last month. I never knew he was like that. I have broken up with him and will have nothing to do with him anymore" she said. I told her it was well, thank God for God. After the call, I screamed ehn.😂 At least, he has seen what God can do when he plays with fuurr🔥. I was surprised to see a text from the lady while I was taking a break last week. She's happily married and her husband married her as a virgin. She thanked me so well that she even sent me a tip.

The funny part is this: the guy she married happened to be a cousin or brother to the guy that wanted to kpash her then; just imagine if the guy succeeded, that marriage might not work out or even be ruined. Always have people who will come through for you in prayer when you don't know what to do at a particular point in time. Their prayers will turn what should have destroyed you into a testimony.

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