Naomi 1 year ago

Shattered Life

Some problems may not go away...Chibuike ran helter-skelter, looking for someone to render help to his greatest need. He tried to stop any vehicle at sight, so they could help him. But, it seemed as if the odds weren't in his favor.

He looked at the dying woman on the floor and covered his face with his palms. As a man, he had never been so helpless in his entire thirty years of existence. Since help was not forthcoming, he decided to carry the woman to the hospital himself. The distance was a lengthy one, but it was better than waiting for her to die in front of him due to the absence of a vehicle.

As he ran heavily on the tar road, blood dripped from her mouth to the ground. Creating a trail on the lanes, Chibuike ran past. "Help!", He shouted continuously as his legs gave way to weariness. He was tired, but he knew he had to keep running. He finally got to the hospital, but the doctors could do nothing to help him; his wife had long died.

Chibuike left the hospital a frustrated man. He blamed himself for not being home on time when his wife started vomiting blood uncontrollably. But was it his fault? He had only gone to do his daily wheelbarrow job to make money for his wife's regular kidney drugs. It wasn't his fault that he didn't have the funds to free his wife from the kidney disease eating her up. But, he blamed himself for her death still! 

He walked with his face down, at a loss for words to tell his children when they asked for their mother. Probably it would be better to tell them that she was resting, in a place she would feel pains no more. He met his first daughter Chinwe crying. She hid at the back of the huge palm tree in front of their house, crying. Had the news about her mother's death reached her yet?, Chibuike wondered. On a closer look, he found that her clothes were torn, and blood dripped down her fresh innocent thighs. " Daddy, they rapped me!", Chinwe said immediately and hugged him tightly.

Chibuike was at a loss for comforting words. He was just trying to bear the huge loss that befell their family an hour ago, and yet another huge blow had been sent flying to his face. Chinwe, his first daughter, had been his support system. She supported him in gathering fees for her mother's treatment and providing food for the family. His only son couldn't do that because he was bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. 

Chinwe hawked dried fish in the big popular market. Sometimes, she even made more sales than himself because she had good marketing skills. But today was a black Friday. She had been lured by a group of boys in the disguise that they wanted to purchase her fish. But unfortunately, they took her pride as a woman instead. Chibuike called his family of three together to break the news to them that their mother had kicked the bucket. His daughter reacted to the news by running off to the backyard of their house. His cripple son feeling they were cursed, wheeled his Chair away to look for fresh air. 

And then, his little Angel, Amaka, who was barely two years old, continued playing with her toys. It was as if she had expected the news earlier. It was the scream from his cripple son that made him dash to their backyard to see the body of his beloved daughter Chinwe, dangling from a palm tree. 

Maybe, he was truly cursed. Maybe the universe was against him. But why did they have to make him suffer slowly? Why didn't the universe just serve him a fast and painless death?

He ran to the major road he came from hours ago. But this time, not to save a life but to end his life. He stood in the middle of the busy road at the same time the rain began to fall heavily. Immediately, he was hit by a moving Bus. Initially, the driver of the bus had tried to slow down, but it was as if the universe was now working in Chibuike's favor because the bus had no breaks. Chibuike laid still; his legs were now missing as a result of the collision accident. And as droplets of raindrops touched his face, he prayed to find external rest.

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