Kyle Hansen 11 months ago

Shiba Army Airdrop (real Or Scam?)

Shiba army airdrop (REAL OR SCAM?): Can you claim billions of Shiba army with this telegram airdrop?

So my name is Kyle. I am new to the crypto world and just started, but I really enjoy mining free and claiming free airdrops for fun because why not? It's cool and is a great feeling. I have to say in telegram, there are so many airdrops that seem to be non-legit, making my experience a little tougher than intended, and I know for certain that airdrops are free for real, no fee will be asked for from airdrops that are legit.

I truly believe in this airdrop, but damn, they are offering so many tokens per day, and I get to withdraw the tokens; guess when? Well, the answer is in just eight days from now, on June 30th, as the Shiba army bot promises I have withdrawn claimed and reviewed it each day like over scanned it, and it seems to withdraw successfully, but I will find out what the real truth is of what kind of people are behind this certain airdrop it truly seems legit besides just the lot of crypto coins offered by the bot, which to me seems to make sense to get too own this many Shiba army tokens 😌 but is that possible with all the greedy ways of people these days?

I would be 100% donating most of my 578 billion Shiba army to charity s and was hoping to become a crypto billionaire, but I believe that by buying lots of dogecoins, I will actually get to be wealthy in the future from those alone. So when it comes to this airdrop, I just hope if I do get to withdraw them, then kudos to this airdrop, but if they are real cryptocurrency tokens being lost and unable to retrieve, something could happen like that, and it is a waste. What do you guys and girls think of this airdrop? I like it so far, and if I don't get to claim these coins, well, they better hold or claim them from the airdrop owners themselves.


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