Should Writers Write Everyday?

Writers are advice to write everyday to hone their craft. Is that a valid advice?

As a writer, I have come across countless pieces of advice being given to writers to write every single day. From blogposts to Youtube videos to books. It seems like you have to put the pen down to paper to be able to write well, and as valid as that advice is, I strongly believe it's not for everyone. I am a fiction writer, I have been writing since the age of 8, and I cannot do without writing, yet I don't write every day. Why? Because I don't see the need to write every day. Writing is something I consider a hobby, and although I make money from my books and I have deadlines to meet, I also know how important self-care is in a writer's life.

Every writer is different, and I find it problematic when advice is being given as one size fits for all writers to follow when many factors are involved. Sometimes I don't have the time to write. Some days, I just want to rest and relax. Some days. I don't feel inspired to write. Some days, my mental health gets the better of me, and writing is the last thing on my mind. The last thing I would want to do would be to force myself to write when there are other factors that might limit my creativity.

At the end of the day, I want to write out of love and a sane mind, and that might mean I don't have to write every day, and that is fine. Where I am going with this article is; You should stay in your lane. Don't guilt-trip yourself for not doing what others are doing. You are a writer if you write every day, and you are still a writer if you write once every two months. What matters is that you are doing what you love when you want and with a sound mind too. If you want to write every day and push yourself so you can meet deadlines, that's fine but do it because you want to and not because you feel you are only a writer because you write every day. It's really not that deep. Do you write every day? Have you ever been guilt-tripped into writing every day? Let me know in the comments; I love to interact with my readers and have discussions.

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