Show Appreciation

When one is appreciated for an act of kindness, one will be motivated to do more... that's how humans are made

Have you ever shown any act of kindness to someone, whether in deeds, words or in any other way? How did the person receive it? Was there any sign of gratitude? If no or yes, how did you feel? Well, what about you? Have you ever been shown an act of kindness? How did you show that you appreciated that act? Well, if you did, no doubt, the way your giver felt won't be far-fetched to you because such feeling is universal.

The saying that 'if you show gratitude to the giver, he would be happy and moved to do more is true in humans. Yes, it's important to always say a sincere 'thank you to someone who has done or given you something good. It warms the heart. The reason is that anyone who has thought it fit to show any act of kindness demonstrates how much he or she loves and cares for you. Yes, show yourself thankful! With that singular magic word, the world would be a better place.đź‘Ś

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