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Side Mirrors

A plea to the Girl child...I beg to speak to u, Daughter; in a language you understand;

A word is enough for the wise, they say,
These words, not even your two ears stir,
Marble 'quotes' seem a torn in your flesh,
Sincere hurts, nowadays turn Judas' kiss.
Where then should I tour to fetch?
To fetch love, see! Are these not love 'em pass?

A Gross en two moons, I begat you,
Terrible scar my future to bear,
The scars of the past, maybe a balm in Gilead can heal them so this time to find.
Oh, a wretched me!
Goodness, what worry have the blind?
For times are we passers in path we must tread.

Unlike others, it never seeks to have,
The beautiful tender a mother's care.
Her mistake, I thought making up to you,
Oh, to divine I daily cry,
That you my past to me tie,
Lest affliction should arise a second time.

Don't do that, but I do, common sense learned,
The body of death I carry now for me alone not,
For it's you en others to knowledge in let,
Progress not by forgetting this dot,
That a better you will not split,
For who am I to make us 'same?

I long to see you woken,
Never! To sit me here, you broken.
I, perhaps wouldn't want further,
Satisfied with this if you ponder.
What I see on this Hill sitting,
Will you see on a mountain standing?

A lost dog they say will hear not,
Even if a thousand hunters cease naught,
Mine is rag, yours nice.
Ah, ‘Oma se o. Omo awi fun’
Never forget dear daughter if at last on your body cast,
Don't forget! don't forget that there once lives a star,
‘One’, the one you mocked has now brought you scar.

©Barnabas Akindele
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