Signs You Are Attracted To The Wrong Person

Sometimes, you get confused because every person you meet looks like the right partner.

At a certain phase in life, we get the feeling of having a life partner; you feel there is a vacuum that needs to be filled up; with this, you open your heart and expect the best for yourself. While expecting, your mind wanders and thinks of several relationships you've witnessed or heard of, and how they started and ended up; sometimes, you may get discouraged to try out yours; other times, you feel a strong conviction to go into a relationship. The reason behind every relationship is one major factor determining its survival or abrupt end. Most young people have a poor mentality toward marriage and relationships; they go into a relationship for pleasure, with no vision ahead, no plan, just to enjoy the pleasure of it.

You may wonder why some youths don't value relationships and marriage; their decision is due to the number of failed relationships, marriages, and also the negative impact of heartbreaks among people in society. It is said that if you want to go far in a fast lane, get a mentor, a mentor who will guide you and help you avoid mistakes. Most relationships fail because they lack mentorship; no one held their hands through the process of courtship; they did things based on experience and from the movies and articles they saw and read. For one to grow strong in life, one needs to avoid making some mistakes once; yes, it is possible to avoid making a mistake once. This is only realistic when you learn from the experience and mistakes of other people who have walked the path you intend to walk on. 

In our quest to find true love, we get to meet the good and the bad people, but that does not stop us from trying. The worst thing that can happen to anyone in life is passing through life without a lesson learned, going through the same challenges because you failed to note down pointers. Dear friend, do well to note the lessons you must have learned from both the good and bad experiences; it will be a guide in your sojourn in life. I like you to know that there are several benefits attached to finding the right person; there is so much to lose when you fall into the wrong arms, and there is so much trouble in the world already, so you cannot afford to add a burden to your life by getting attracted to the wrong person.

Know that God designed marriage for a good purpose, He never thought of you suffering through your relationship and marriage; rather, He has built a structure that will enable you to get the best from your relationship and marriage and the long run. Thinking of the benefits of getting married to the right person is great joy alone; the power of two right people cannot be compared to the strength of one person. One will chase a thousand, which is not bad, but two will chase ten thousand, which is a plus. What you may have failed to achieve while single may become a thing of the past when you find the right person. Knowing all the benefits of being in a relationship and marriage with the right person, the next thing is identifying the right spouse.

That'sThat's one mountain standing before many youths today, they feel it's time to get into a relationship, but they cannot identify the right one for their life. One habit that is not encouraged among youths is jumping from one failed relationship to another. You may want to ask, how can I identify the wrong person? What trait signifies a red flag? Is it possible to be attracted to the wrong person? To these questions, there are answers. One thing that sounds awkward is the fact that you can be attracted to the wrong person; there are fake people roaming about the streets today; they act to please and trap their prey.

Some youths have all the beauty you desire to see, they've got money to spend, they are caring, and they have all the connections you wish to have, but deep inside of them, there is a bad side you cannot tolerate. Everyone indeed has flaws, but going into a relationship with someone whose flaws you cannot tolerate is a death trap. What has helped a lot of couples today is that they got married to someone who could tolerate their errors, someone who understood them to a large extent. That'sThat's a plus. So in this piece, you will get to know some traits that show you are attracted to the wrong person. Having said all this, please like and comment after reading; I'll like to hear from you.

• The first sign that you are attracted to the wrong person is that you find it difficult to connect. 

You may have gotten attracted to someone who is endowed with beauty, intelligence, and some good qualities which are sought after, but in the long run, you notice there is always a barrier connecting with him or her. As you stay together with anyone, there are bound to be factors and experiences that connect you both together; it can be your ability to understand yourselves just by observation or the ability to tolerate each other. Have you noticed some couples can predict the next action of their spouse?

That's a strong connection; they have mastered the attitude of their spouse so well to have done that. Dear friend, your inability to connect with your fiancé or someone you intend to go into a relationship with is a red flag you need to avoid. There should be things that interest both of you; your conversations shouldn't be boring all the time. What'sWhat's the essence of getting married or falling in love with someone you don't connect with? There is no joy in staying with someone that you cannot flow with, you struggle to express yourself, and when you do, they don't get it. Peradventure you are in such a situation, you need to take a break from such a relationship, don't trade your joy for temporary affection; there is more to life than getting married to the wrong person. Marriage is not just a union; it is a decision to fulfill one purpose faster and better with someone. Having known this sign, take a decision and note it down, don't go into a relationship when you notice your inability to connect with someone. 

• The second sign you are attracted to the wrong person is when he or she doesn't reciprocate every good thing you do. 

Most marriages that are successful, serving as a model to people, are standing because every act of goodness done by one partner is reciprocated by the other partner. One person cannot build a relationship; it takes the effort of both partners to make things work. You may be attracted to someone, and you have noticed that your good action is not valued or complemented; no matter how you try to get things done, your partner just stares at you without gratitude; that's a red flag.

Reciprocating good deeds in a relationship is a sign of gratitude; it shows that one'sone's efforts are not taken for granted. A scenario where you got a gift for your partner not just on his birthday but a normal day, just to meet his pressing need, having done that, you didn't get a nice appreciation. It was rather taken as though it was your responsibility, not as a gift, and It didn't end there. When you had a need, too, despite your partner's ability to help out, there was no positive response from that side.

This attitude alone can end a promising relationship; no one is saying you should always get gifts whenever you receive one from your partner; rather, we should always reciprocate good things when necessary. The worst experience in any relationship is the unchanging attitude of a partner; yes, when your partner has refused to see any wrong in his or her behavior, if these and more are your experiences, that's a red flag. You cannot satisfy or please such a fellow; you may end up getting depressed and frustrated in the long run, just for nothing. No relationship is meant to drain you out or kill you; you are meant to enjoy that stage of your life. 

• The third sign you are attracted to the wrong person is when your partner lacks vision and is ignorant of life's purpose. 

The ignorance of your purpose in life makes you a wanderer, you move without direction, and anything goes for you. One main reason for marriage is to fulfill purpose together; two good heads are better than one; also, having a backup emotionally, physically, and otherwise is a great boost to success. If you have noticed that your partner has no clue about his or her purpose in life, he or she doesn't believe there is a need for a future plan before marriage, then that's a barrier you need to avoid.

Everyone should have a vision before marriage to even get into a relationship; this is true because anyone without a plan will definitely ruin your life. When you are led by a blind man, you may end up going round in a circle and literally becoming blind too. Friend, life is too important for you to waste time with the wrong person; find someone who has a vision that matches yours, someone who is willing to fit his or her purpose into yours.

Remember that life is filled with its own challenges, so at a point, you may feel weak, depressed, anxious, or heartbroken; at this point, having a good spouse who can encourage you back to your feet is a great advantage.

Also, know that having visions and purpose is not enough, but finding someone with a similar purpose is a great deal. So it is wise to not just have a partner who is purposeful but a partner who has similar visions as you do. As I draw the curtain, know that your life is too valued to be wasted; you have a lot in your hands to achieve, so you cannot risk moving in with the wrong person.

Take your relationship with utmost care and seriousness; don't let anyone trample on your joy, I know you may have fears of breaking up, but a failed relationship is far better than a failed marriage. I trust God that you will not make a mistake, and in the end, your relationship and marriage will be a model to others. 

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