Rafiat 2 years ago

Silent Night

The night consumes our thought and leaves us wide awake...

The entire space was pitch black, almost like the whole world mourned; there wasn't a single star up in the sky. It matched my feelings, blank. I was worried, but why I was; I had no idea. My mind was too crowded, with too many thoughts, none I could decipher. Inhaling, I stared ahead with a glum look on my face. I had only been hearing my breathing until it sounded like I had company; whoever or whatever it was, I couldn't see, but I could feel the presence.

"You are brooding again!" The stranger stated, sounding sure. Taking a deep breath, I shake my head vigorously, "hell no, I am not." "You are in denial!" The voice accused. "And how would you know that?" I queried in curiosity. "cause I am you and you are me, your every thought and feeling, I know of it all." "If you know so much, then tell me why I feel empty right now?" "you are worrying too much about it. I sighed in exasperation; it would be dumb of me to keep asking why the stranger thought so, "what if it all ends badly?" I asked, my voice shaky.

I heard a faint chuckle from the voice, "what if it doesn't? There is probably a 99.9% possibility it won't work out compared to the other option. How about the 0.1% possibility that it would work out." It insisted; I felt a feather-like touch pat my back, "don't think it through, stop thinking of how bad it would go, don't think of the positivity either. Let it flow. There are 1000 and 1 ways to every situation; whatever happens; you will find another way out!"

"I am scared!" I admitted shamefully. "of course you are; it's natural. Drop that fear and forge ahead. How about you stop thinking and just act!" Just then, silence reigned, and I knew the stranger had left. I inhaled and exhaled, blinking my eyes I noticed for the first time that night the little stars that were spluttered in every corner of the sky, with a half-moon. A small smile crept up my lips, and I inhaled again. I had been too blinded by my thought to notice the beauty of the night. I had almost missed it!

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