I was Raped at 6 years and Died by 6 am...I sat there, my eyes darting across the street, and there the little girl was, crossing the road at intervals and obviously having fun as the cars ran over her and she reappeared at the back.

She scoffed and laughed as she helped a young hawker lift up the tray of Ageége bread and butter to her head. She walked freely and heartily in her large and blood-stained skirt, and then she walked over to a woman's stall, picked a sausage roll, and smiled as the woman came to pick up the sausage roll popularly known as gala from the floor, thinking it fell and as she slipped and fell on the floor trying to pick it up. Come and get it, old hag, she screamed with ecstasy. If you want it, come and get it, she laughed with relish.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I took the decision that changed my whole life. I went to her hey, gave it back to her, and stopped playing around with people's emotions. She turned and stared closely and coldly at me. see me? She queried, and I got to see her more clearly; yes...I can see you. You are wearing a blue and white striped skirt with a white top. I can see you ...Then she screamed in a hollow kind of way that I had to stop my ear, and then I looked. She had something like a knife scar running from her lower eyelid to her side chin, and even at that, she looked really beautiful, and she was small, as small as a six-year-old, and what was she doing here causing mischief?

She slapped me across the face, and I fell down, and when the store people saw that I had fallen, they ran in and closed their shops. Then she tapped me, and I opened my eyes. "Hey Buddy, all of them deserted you, but I'm here for you. Since you can see me, you will be my body, and then she laughed the hollow way again, and I stopped my ears and woke up on my bed, and I was breathing heavily. Suddenly I felt my bathroom door open, and then I saw her; she wasn't wearing blue and white clothes. She was wearing the nude-colored gown I bought for my cousin for her 4-year-old birthday coming in a few days.

You lost words, and I fainted again; when I opened my eyes, she was there with breakfast; rolling her eyes, she stared at me. Hey, a young man, I know you can see me now, so when you fainted, I brought you home. Don't ask me how I did it or how I got your address. Let us be friends; my name is Simbi; I stared at the little girl in my front, and tears rolled down my eyes. I was stuck with a ghost, and the events of the day before laid their bare backs before my eyes. I was going to work as I work in work in an exquisite hotel in the heart of Lagos, and I don't have a private car yet, and Epe is really far from my workplace, so I have to wake up early to beat the traffic, and I didn't know them with sleepy eyes the night before I had set the alarm for 3 am instead of 5 am and here I am going to have my bathe and rushing in my trousers and white collar shirt, and as I walked towards the main street. I could hear the sounds of dogs in the distance and then the sound of bells and moving feet. I tried to walk faster and got hit by something that made me fall.

He isn't a sacrifice; let him go, I could hear the voices in my subconscious, and the other voice was saying ...He has seen us, and he will live like the spirit, and the first person who spoke said, Let him go, he will have to live with his greatest fear seeing everything and anything, and that was all I could remember, and here I was the following day with a ghost in front of my face, seeking friendship. I wish I have not spoken to her in the first instance, and I stared at her ...Simbi, we are friends now. Alright, but I want you to tell your story; how did you die? She merely laughed in a hollow way, and I had to stop my ears, then she started crying, and it took me forever to cajole her into stopping, and then my phone rang.

I picked it up, and my boss was calling me and asking me why I hadn't been at work in two working days, and before I could open my mouth to explain, he mentioned something like I was getting a 300 thousand naira raise to my salary and a two-month leave. I swooned like a girl who got her first valentine's gift, and when I turned, I saw Simbi in front of the mirror, and your guess is as good as mine; in the mirror was my hotel in view and my boss and the hotel management. It looked like a Nollywood movie, and I was bewildered.

Then she turned to me and smiled and brought the mirror to the bed, and now I curse Modupe, my Ex-girlfriend in my heart, for her addiction to mirrors that pushed me to buy this mirror in the first place. I was the happy cause of the raise and all, but I didn't know what was in stock for me with this little demon, or should I call her little angel; I was as confused as confusion itself, then she turned to me. Mati, watch this, and I wondered how she got to know my name. Well, she lives in timelessness, so I stared at the mirror and began a journey of no sure return.

A woman was sitting in the dining room and eating a meal of frogs, and I could see that she obviously was enjoying her meal. Until I could see the food has changed into Plaintain porridge and there and then she fainted out of the poison in the food, and I saw how she groaned in pain, then a Man who seemed to be her husband came over to her and carried her into his car calling out a name who took time to respond, and when the lady was revealed in the mirror. Simbi screamed in a hollow way and broke the mirror in anger, and I had to do a lot of work to calm her down again; holiness!!!! I thought it was my last day. Then I heard a knock on my door, and I went to it, and there she was; why is the female gender after my life ???

My ex-girlfriend Modupe walks in, and she stares into the room like she always does; and she looks at the floor and shrieks back in horror. So Mati, you broke the mirror. I stared at her in a funny way.

Modupe, what are you doing here ?? Then In response, she came to me and held me by my shirt and slapped me across the face, and that was the last thing I remembered again, and when I opened my eyes. I Saw Modupe tearing her clothes into shreds and trying to break the door I firmly locked after she entered. I was confused, and then I remembered Simbi was still in the room; then I scanned the room with my eyes and didn't see anyone but Modupe, who was already looking like a 200-year-old mad woman.

Then I heard whimperings coming from the bathroom, and there she was in the bathroom tub sitting in it with the transparent water revealing her body with an opening of the knife cut from her lower eyelid, and now I can see clearly that it went down to her heart region to the end of her underdeveloped breast and was opened. My mouth went numb and dry, and all I could do was mumble, Simbi's murderer must be a monster, and then I found the words Simbi, forgive my ex-girlfriend. She is a violent person; that was even why I left her, and if she didn't know you were here, she wouldn't have slapped me. Let her get well, please, and then with her bloodshot eyes, she stepped out of the tub, and I shut my eyes; then I heard my name in the bedroom, and I ran into the bedroom, and I caught a glimpse of Modupe running away from the house. She picked up her bag and phone, so I am sure she must be okay; then I heard Simbi whimpering again, then she said The housegirl my mother employed killed my mother and made my father her slave with diabolical powers.

Itohan brought her boyfriend into the house that night on my sixth birthday, and he handcuffed me and flogged me, forcing me to sign the documents to will all my parent's properties to her. I cried, Mati I screamed, but no one could rescue me, and my Dad was hospitalized, and I was raped over and over again with blood streaming out of my private part and blood from my hand as he raped me. I could hear Itohan tell him to stop, and he pushed her away, and she stood up to push him away. He took out a pocket knife and stabbed her in the arm, and then she ran into the kitchen, took a bread knife and slit his throat, and as he fell on me with his weight. She came over to me, and then with relish, she used the knife in her hand to slice ms gradually, but I refused to use my fingerprint on the documents. If I stamped it, she would have killed me; if I didn't, I would have still died, so I chose to meet my mom.

And after her words, she said your ex-girlfriend is on my mission. She has caused you more harm than good; remember the 250 thousand you saved for your mother's operation? She chuckled before she said Modupe stole it and left your mother to die I stared in disbelief; I was too weak to cry or do anything, and I wasn't surprised to hear a knock on my door, and there Modupe was with Itoha's head on her hand and the Police at her back. She killed the innocent woman, the first policeman said, and this knife is the evidence, and she was caught cause we received a call from this apartment, and here we are. They took me to the police station to write a statement, and Simbi wrote it in a jiffy, but it looked like I was the one who wrote it, and I was taken to the hospital, and I could see the property documents by his side, and he said to me.

"Young man, I did evil by sleeping with my maid, and I had her evacuate her womb to avoid pregnancy, and then my past now hunt me like a hound dog, and my little angelic daughter appeared to me last night and told me all I need to do to avoid further pains and rest in peace I will die soon for my sins. And there, he signed the documents and gave them to me while I looked weak in the knees, and I walked out of the hospital with the properties documents in my hand and the life-supporting machine stopped, and I stood by the ward, and there was no one by his side saved his ghost daughter who was by my side as I walked away from the ward, and now I Matidole don't know what to do. How to cope with these properties and bank statements worthing millions or the little ghost by my side, and then she said I have one more mission and I fainted again.

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