Momo pens down her heartfelt gratitude to her longtime friend, Phine...When people say friendships are just for taking social media pictures;

When people say friendships are just for taking social media pictures
 I laugh because if that were true, 
you and I wouldn't be celebrating 30 years today. 
Going as far back as secondary school, 
our friendship was a thorn in the flesh of wicked senior students 
given our mischievous escapades.
Even as we left school to face the outside world, 
life tried to put a distance between us 
but despite everything we pulled through. 
It definitely wasn't a bed of roses 
as we had our disagreements; 
one in particular that almost led to the end of our friendship.
This letter is for the times you playfully knocked my head
in order to "reset my brain" 
and for that time you comforted me when I cried my eyes out over my ex. 
Thank you for always being there for me. 
Your comrade in arms,
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